Friday, October 31, 2008

My colorful Diwali

So I did manage a few things from the to-do list I had made for Diwali this year.

One of them was to make a rangoli. Its been AGES since I tried my hand at it, since its always raining here on Diwali day, and not quite possible to make one. This year, the rain gods were more generous with me, and waiting till after the Diwali day...and I got to make my rangoli.

I did the outline, and the hubby and I together filled in the color. Mr. Perfect did a much better job than me of course, and filled in about 70% of it!

Here are some pics.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Daal?, yellow, white...

April 2007:
I am invited to a very formidable lady. I get there, she looks me up and down, from head to toe. And I was kinda looking around, waiting for someone to say something, wishing I could run away, or disappear into thin air. Uncle asks me some thing, I answer, silence again, again some inane question and answer. I ask Uncle and Aunty how their flight was, how do they like it here so far, you know the usual pleasantries. And this goes on for some time. Then we all head to the dinner table.

I try hard not to head into the kitchen, and warm up the food and do my thing. I had to really restrain myself. She looks for some things in the kitchen, muttering where did it go, looks at her son, where did it go, he looks at me, and all I can do is smile. I know exactly where it is, but I am not supposed to know, so I just watch in amusement.

We finally sit at the dinner table, and she asks me,

खाना बनाती हो? (Can you cook?)

I nod.

क्या बनाती हो? (What do you cook?)

रोटी, सब्जी, दाल, येही सब... (roti, curry, daal, etc)

कौन सी दाल? (Which daal?)

Holy shit! I know their colors and how to cook them. I know a few names, but I cannot always link the name with the shape and color! I bet her son, who had his head down and was eating quietly, was dying to burst out in laughter! Coz I knew HOW to cook daal, but I hadn't actually done it in at least 5 years. He probably must be thinking, "Maggi, frozen food, more maggi". But I digress...

So I blurt out a few names...

मूंग, तूर, मसूर, उड़द, और वोह तेल वाली दाल.... (A few random names of daals, and finally...oily daal)

तेल वाली? वोह कौन सी होती है? (What's oily daal?)

And I mentally say a BIG thank you to my mother who cooks that oiled yellow daal every day at lunch (Kanan, do you know what I am talking about? Is it tuvar daal?). So I give aunty all the gyaan about this very special oily daal. She is content that I know what I am talking about, and, me, well, I am happy that she doesn't know exactly how much I know ;-) And the ice is broken :)

This, my fellow bloggies, was my first meeting with my MIL. We got along quite well after that, but man, was I nervous that day!

Earlier that evening, as I got ready to go to meet them, I felt SO alone, I so desparately missed my parents and my sisters. Weren't they the ones supposed to go meet them? Why just me alone? That was the first time in 10 years that I absolutely HATED being in this country, so far away from my home, all alone going to meet my future in-laws for the first time. This was a very big deal, and I was all alone! I had spoken to my sister much earlier in the day, and that soothing voice had already been forgotten, replaced by mammoth butterflies in my stomach. I called my best friend, even she didn't pick up the phone. I had the strangest of emotions that day. My dad was coming to meet them a couple months later, but this first time was just ... I don't know, just wanted to run back to Daddy and let him handle the important things.

Thankfully, today, I have "aunty's son" by me through everything, and I know I am not alone :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Checking in...

Life's been crazy the last couple weeks...and its not quite over yet.
Got an "off day" today, and watched two movies in a row...

Rock On - Had heard a lot about it, so had very high expectations, which, well, were not quite met. I don't know...I guess I was expecting more "fun"

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - This one I totally loved. Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak-Shah were my favorite characters. Followed by Bhaalo bhaiya and Bagheera bhaiya. And I think Jayant Kriplani desperately needs a haircut. And what's with the names "Peachy" and "Pumpkin". No one calls even their kids anything so silly :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Odd hours...scary messages!

I wish people would not call me at odd hours. These being the hours between midnight and 9:00AM.

No, its not because I am unavailable. Not because it interrupts me. Not because I am in no mood to talk to anyone during these hours, or because I am sleeping.

Its because a phone ringing at odd hours scares me! Millions of thoughts run through my head about what could be wrong that they had to call me at that hour! So far, it has always turned out to be nothing, (touch wood!), but it still makes my heart skip a beat, fearing the worst!

I got 3 missed calls at 6:00AM today, I did not even hear the phone ring as I was fast asleep. Saw 3 missed calls and 3 new messages when I did get my phone out of my purse at 9:00AM. No caller-id meant it was from India. Instant panic! Listened to the messages, and turned out someone was trying to find someone who I happened to know. Was relieved to know it was nothing really, and then upset, because, WTH! Why scare me like that!? Everyone who knows me, knows that I get up only after 8:30, so how hard is it to remember that?

And how hard is it to leave coherent voice messages?
My sister called me once at 1:30 on a Friday night (which is fine, she knows I sleep late), I ran to get the phone, but it went to voicemail, and this is the message she left "Its didi, don't know what to say, just call me whenever". I was SO scared! Called my husband and asked him to sit by me, while I called her back. And she said, oh, I didn't call for any particular reason, so that's why I said "don't know what to say". She might have shortened my life by a few seconds there! How I wanted to strangle her!

Oh well...some things will never change! Hmphh!