Friday, December 3, 2010

I can laugh about it now :-)

Last night, I got quite a scare. I was doing some office work in the bedroom, hubby was in another room working on his stuff.

Suddenly I heard some noises outside, someone moving the trashcan around, and then running across the yard. I wondered why the hubby was out that late at night, and what was he throwing in the yard waste bin. And why was he running, I have never seen him run since the last 8 years I have known him! Oh well, whatever, people do strange things as they get older ;-)
I got back to work.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rings. Ok, so did he lock himself out too? No, that can't be!
Its pretty late at night, and no one ever visits before calling. So what's this? Hubby opened the door and there was a cop asking if he had heard someone run into our yard. He said yeah, he did. Cop said they were chasing someone and they think he ran this way. Could he look into our yard? We were more than happy, thankful, in fact, that he came to look.

He looked, found no one. I told him which direction I heard him running. Nothing there either. I told him I heard him doing something with the trashcan, maybe he put something in there? He looked, it was empty (it was garbage pickup day yesterday, so it was clean). He left and I was still scared. I went back to work, and soon forgot about it.

Around midnight, I was still awake, and wondering what exactly he was doing with the trashcan. There's a gate on the side, and right after you come in, the trash can is in a corner on the right. So it was not in his way. Then I realized and burst out laughing, waking up the poor, snoring hubby :-)

He had jumped the gate. I did not hear the gate opening. It opens with a loud creak, so I would not have missed it. He jumped over the gate and on the trash can :-) If only the bin was open, the cops would have got their man ;-) What a scene that would have been! These bins are big, and not easy to get out of!
The rogue was quite civil though. He fell on the trash can, the trash can toppled over, and he put it upright before he started to run away again. (I know this, because I heard it, all the while thinking the hubby was doing something in the yard). So very considerate :-)

The other thing that struck me...the thief quite happily jumped the gate, and ran wild in my yard. But the cop had to ring the bell and ask for permission. The irony of it all!

Oh well. Am glad I can laugh about it now :-)

Monday, November 29, 2010


Life is so frustrating sometimes!
Please don't ask what happened.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who'da thunk!

कभी हमने नहीं सोचा था,
ऐसा दिन भी आएगा

I would never, ever, not even in my wildest dreams, had imagined that I would cook SO well!
So much, that I prefer my cooking to anyone else's cooking. And I mean anyone!
Why is this such a surprise?
Because growing up, I hated anything related to food. Eating as well!
When I was a child, I refused to eat.
As a teenager, the thought of having to learn cooking literally brought tears into my eyes. I used to burn food simply so that I would not be asked to do it again! I thought cooking was for boring people.
When asked to help in the kitchen, I would have a genuine question as to why me? There are so many others! 3 elder sisters, mom, maid, they're all there. Why me?

Even now my family refuses to believe I cook.

But then, miracles do happen :-) I am glad this one did!

कभी हमने नहीं सोचा था
ऐसा दिन भी आएगा
पानी में आग लगेगी
पत्थर भी पिघल जायेगा
हमसे अच्छा कौन है ;-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bahut Sundar Hai!

After a long long long time today, I thought of this aunty we kids used to called "बहुत सुन्दर है!"
It has almost been decades since I thought of her, and I want to put down my thoughts about her before her memory fades away again...

I grew up in a small town in Maharashtra where my Dad had a forgings plant. We were one of the affluent families in town. This aunty was married to the tailor uncle who had a contract with our company to stitch uniforms for the workers. They used to live nearby, and aunty would come to visit my mom quite often. I never gave much thought to her then...just someone coming to see mom, and I actually used to get irritated sometimes too, because she used to talk a LOT! But today, don't know why, tailor aunty floated into my mind, and I realized what an awesome woman she was!

She was the daughter of a rich Marwadi family. Uncle was Maharashtrian, a tailor who rented a room in their house. The two fell in love and decided to get married. The rich family rejected the poor tailor, she insisted on marrying him and her family broke off all relations with her. I am not sure which town they were from, but they moved from there and settled in the same town as us. Uncle was a very quiet guy (I think aunty more than made up for that ;-)), strikingly handsome, very polite and nice. They had two sons making up the small family of Shakuntala, Shahuraj, Praful and Praveen.

They had a small home, one room (which doubled up as living room, bedroom, dining room, everything) and a kitchen. At the time we got introduced, the house didn't even have a toilet. I used to visit them quite often. Two main reasons: They subscribed to a children's magazine called "Chandoba". (Marathi version of "Chandamama" in Hindi). I loved to read it, so I used to go there. Sometimes aunty would let me take it home if it was getting too late, other times I would finish it off right there. The other reason was something she used to cook. Can't remember what it was, but everytime I went, she would make it for me.

Whenever she visited us, she used to talk to Mom about this and that, would admire anything new in our house (and there was something new all the time) and keep saying "बहुत सुन्दर है" for just about everything. Us kids would be really amused, thinking why is she admiring things all the time, and that's how she earned her nickname. She was genuine about whatever she said though. She would tell mom about her sister, who was married into another rich Marwadi family, and was the only one who still spoke to her. She only had good things to say about her. She spoke about uncle, how hard he works, and how good he is to her. Only had good things to say about him. She spoke about her kids, again, only good things. Both boys did not do well in studies, but all she said was, I know they try hard. They do their best.

What I didn't realize then, and do now, is her attitude towards life. She gave up a luxurious life to be with her husband who will probably never be able to provide her with what she left behind. Her love and commitment to him was so strong that she never once uttered anything in the vein of "because of him, I had to ....". Her love for her kids was so strong, she completely supported them in any which way she could, instead of comparing them with others who did better than them. Now that kind of love..the kind uncle and aunty shared, I think, is what epics are made of :-)

She knew how to be grateful for what she had, focus on the positive, instead of dwelling on what could have been, or what is missing. She had a lot of self-respect, enough to consider herself equal to my mother, and come visit her, and be friends with her. I must give credit to my mother too here...for not being snobbish like most others in her position were. Tailor aunty would call my mom "aunty" and seek advice on things related to the home and raising kids. Aunty, how should I go about doing this, what about that, what do you think of this, and so on. She never put herself across as a victim. Always upbeat, always positive, always willing to learn.

We moved out of that town and lost touch with her. I moved out of the country, and completely forgot about her. If I was near her, I bet I would go to her for advice like she went to my mom. I want her attitude, her dedication and commitment. I want to be sunshiny like her!

I should ask Mom if she heard anything about her lately. I hope she is doing well.

You are awesome, Aunty, and आप बहुत सुन्दर हो!

PS: They did build a toilet in their house while we were still there. It was a joyous occasion in their house :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Interesting thought?

“It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil.
If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men,
the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.” - Helen Keller

The first thought that I had when I read this...was, so true. Probably, simply because it was said by the great Helen Keller. But as I think about it some more, I do not agree. At all.

The devil does not really need any provocation. He is just evil at the core, and cannot really help it. If he was bored, he would wreak more havoc to get attention instead of leaving the peaceful folks peacefully and happily live their lives. So the good people HAVE to spend time fighting the devil. That their loved ones get neglected in the process, is just sad :(

Am thinking of Gandhi's family, saw the movie "Gandhi, My Father" some time back. I felt really sorry for his son. In trying to save the nation, his father completely neglected him. In all his failed and convoluted attempts at success, all I could see was this all-consuming urge to prove his worth to his father. Not to anyone else, only to his very own father. The bar that was set as a side-effect of the "greatness" of his father was probably too high for this mere mortal. I felt so sorry for him.

And look what this post started with, and where it ended. I need to reign in my thoughts :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Loving this!

Maybe I will buy it...

Friday, June 11, 2010


Last Friday, I reached Pune, and said I am home.
Today, the Friday after that one, I am leaving for San Francisco, saying I am going home.

Where is home? Where the heart is, right? But where is your home when half your heart is in Pune and the other half in San Francisco?

Not sure why I decided to move to the US...I think because that's what everyone else was doing. To anyone who is considering moving just for the heck of it (like me), don't do it! It is very hard to leave when you see your mom sitting like a frail rag doll, who you can't hug tight to say bye...fearing that her recently sewn together chest might crack open again. And it is very hard to stay when you know your husband is all alone at home, waiting for that 5 minute phone call every day.

So if you don't have to do it, don't split your heart into two like this!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

24+ hours with myself

Am on my way to India...for a quick one week visit. Going by myself, so have to spend 24+ hours with myself. Its going good so far!

Had heard a lot about Emirates, how good it is and all. Will say, meh, not too impressed (or maybe I am just spoiled, who knows!) They did send a limo to pick me up (errmmm, yeah, I am spoiled, I traveled business class, so its included), which was nice. But apart from that, it was just like any other airline. Meh..

Oh, and they didn't have ear-plugs in that nice pouch they give away. It seemed to have good stuff (bvlgari and all), but no ear-plugs. What's the point then :( I had a nice flat bed, but I couldn't sleep much. Too noisy :(

Oh, and the food was, at least to me, unpalatable. May be just my mood, who knows!? Been sick for the past..umm..2 weeks. Some strange cold I have gotten, refuses to go!

Oh, one interesting thing though...they allow us to use cell phones while flying. I didn't try it, but they said we could. Wondering what AT&T would charge me for that!
One thing I would like to know...if its free, why is it ok to start drinking at 2 in the afternoon? I went into the business class lounge after check-in, and they were giving out coupons for 2 free alcoholic beverages. EVERYBODY used them. Kind of disgusting, no? 2 pm? Seriously!? I considered giving mine away to whoever I would see first, but then figured why bother.

This is the first time ever I am going to India with such little luggage. One small bag, checked in! I felt so light and free, breezing throught security and everywhere else with just a purse, while others were trying to figure out which arm should carry what.

This is the first time ever in my life that I am traveling anywhere without a book! Any guesses as to what I did instead? Carried my crochet along! Am halfway through yet another scarf! :)

I watched movies, lots of them!

Kartik Calling Kartik first. I had heard for the movie, but I quite liked it. Farhaan is awesome, and pretty. I wish she could act as well as she looked!

Then was Manzi - 1979 - Amitabh and Mausamil! It started off with the song
Rimjhim gire saawan
Sulag sulag jaaye mann
Bheege aaj is mausam mein
Lagi kaise yeh agan...

Now, I am assuming you have not watching this movie. So guess what the picturization of this song would be like?

Dashing Amitabh, mesmerizing Mausami in a very beautiful locale, doing some form of rain dance.



It was Amitabh, wearing a kurta-pyjama and black vest on top. Sitting on the floor. Playing a harmonium and singing at an indoor wedding.

Can't imagine that, can you? Well, that's how it was!

The movie was good though, and the song did repeat again, with the two walking along Marine Drive in pouring rain. Loved it!

Then..I tried watching Lovely Bones. Couldn't. I had read the book, but the movie seemed a little weird. So switched to "The Invention Of Lying". That was entertaining for a while, but not too long.

Then...I went to Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani! LOVED it! Loved the goofy dialogues! Especially the last one from Sajid Don...pakad ke rakhna, chhod na nahi, chakkar aa raha hai! Only thing was past 1am, and all the other passengers were sleeping, so I could not laugh out loud (I was anyway freaking them out with my coughing, adding laughing to that would really set them on edge!). So I will watch it again, so I can LOL  :)

Am at Dubai airport now. Didn't eat much on the flight, and am starving now. Got a banana muffin, which also I am hating.

Need to go find some food that I can actually eat...tata

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keeping fear in your heart every day is like compounding interest on a debt you haven’t even borrowed yet...
Fear does nothing more than hold you back from the life that you deserve
 Copied this from someone's status on FB

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Been so tired, lost and confused lately :(

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bye Bye

We're selling off car #1 tomorrow. Am sad.

I wanted to go for one last drive in the car. It is special to me, you see. I had noticed the car before I noticed the man. We met at work, you see. One day, I drove in to work, and saw this shiny blue car that I had never seen before. I saw it the next day, and the next. Hmm..some new person in the office then. Eventually I found out who it was, eventually we went on our first date in this very car. Eventually, we took quite a few road trips. Created quite a few memories...

This didn't last too long though. We got car #2, my Dhanno, and #1 was used infrequently. #3 arrived a couple weeks ago. She doesn't have a name yet.

Anyway, where was I...yes, I wanted to go for one last drive.
Had a crazy day today. Work starts at 0830am everyday. Got out of office at 5:50 to attend the Area Level contest for Toastmasters which started at 6:00 and went on till 9:00. I got home after 930pm and work started again at 10:30pm.

We managed to get out only after midnight. Brought back a lot of life lived in the last 7-8 years. Ups and downs, good stuff, bad stuff, fun stuff, sad stuff.

Bye bye, dear, will miss you. You were fun and we loved you a lot! Hope we are sending you to a good home!


2:50AM, work is still not done, oh well...such is life! Up and down, good and bad, fun and sad!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mean boyzzz

The boyz are being mean to me :(

The hubby took the neighbour out for a ride in his new M3, and then the neighbour took the hubby out for a ride in his Corvette.

Mean boyzzz...not taking me along :(

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ever noticed how... you get to know and like a person, their smile seems prettier, their voice happier, their whole being just perfect? Even though it is an average person with their long list of flaws and idiosyncrasies?

And how when you get to know and NOT like a person, even their good qualities some how seem tarnished?

Its ALL in our heads :-)

Moral is a very cliched one: Be who you want to be, be someone you will like. Because everyone else, every single person you meet, will have different perspectives and opinions about you. Keep yourself happy, baaki duniya jaaye jhakh maarne (ask any gujju friend of yours what this last phrase means :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Strange things happening today...

This is just for me to look back at in the future and laugh my guts out, like everyone who I shared this with did...

Code that ran perfectly fine, that I was happy with, stops working.
Says, your stack is out of shape (something like that...)
Now, I don't know of what exercises I can recommend for the stack to get back in shape.

I tried a few more things, and get this, I get java.lang.Object not found!
No, really!

Back to chasing the Object...

Happy Birthday!

Apun ka blog ka happy birthday tha kal.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

God wants you to know...

There's this app on FB..."On this day, God wants you to know"...

Here's what I had today:

On this day, God wants you to know...
... that all is well. All is going according to plan. Trust that there is a bigger picture. Trust that life is unfolding as it should.

I know its just a stupid Facebook app, but it still feels great :) Good message, no?

And on second thoughts, I feel this is written by an Indian...truly impressed by the 3 Idiots, and hence the line...."all is well" :D

Will we ever get there?

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about my Facebook profile picture... I had put up a wedding picture since it was Wedding Picture week on FB. I ended up going to my picasa site where I have all the pictures, and he was awed by all the work that must have gone into dressing me up like that. I mentioned the lady who had helped me with it, how efficient she was and all.

He then shared something about his own wedding. He is Brazilian and his wife is American. The wedding was in Brazil, so they went there about 3 months before the date to make arrangements. So the lady who was going to do his wife's hair...and then he laughed, saying, well, he was a big gay guy, really. Dressed up as a lady, didn't fool anyone though... and he continued with his story. The lady had come alone, without assistants, and didn't have enough time to do the bride's hair. Everyone who did manage to get it done, were delighted with what she had done for them.

He had many other interesting things he said about his wedding, but I could not get this one out of my mind.
Can we ever imagine this happening in India? Transvestites being accepted, getting respectable jobs, and being appreciated for their work, instead of ridiculed or feared for who they are?

I admit, even I turn away when I see them on traffic signals in India. I think its out of fear. Probably because I didn't understand anything about them, didn't know much about them. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. SF has a huge gay population, and I don't treat them the way I do in India.

I for one, am a changed person after this conversation with my friend. I promise, I will at least give a friendly smile when I encounter a transvestite in India.

As for when will the mentality of others change, when we will see acceptance? I don't think it will happen in my lifetime. So what if the courts have accepted them, the people have not! Sad, ain't it?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to the Future

Just realized that I have more memories than dreams.
That's gotta change! I need to make new memories, and for that I need to plan.

So that's the resolution for this year: Dwell less in the past, live the bright new day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Identity Crisis :O

So y'all know why my name is aneri_masi, right?
Alright, if you don't know, here it is again.

My sister's first kid, Aneri, was born about 12 years ago. She and I were (and still are) the only ones here in the US, rest of the family was (and still is) at home, in India. (Funny how home is always India no matter how long ago you left without any intentions of returning!). this little angel was born (I started to say brat, but can't. She was (and still is) a very good kid. And there are too many parantheses here!) this angel was born (actually she was (but isn't anymore) a GIANT baby from a tiny mother. People would ask her, seriously? YOU carried HER? Parantheses overload again!) she was born and everyone wanted to see pics. I was (and still am) the most computer savvy one in the family. So I had to figure out how to share the pics.

Yahoo was (aah, here, I can say, but it is not anymore!) one of the most convenient tools to share pics. So I got a new account, and called myself aneri_masi. The rest, you all already know, no? Half the world knows ME as Aneri!

Now, coming to the identity crisis part:

Aneri (the real one) is on my FB. I post comments to her comments saying "I agree with Aneri", and THAT feels weird! Or I say, "Hi Aneri, how are you?" and it feels like I have completely lost my mind...asking myself how I am doing!?

Looks like I am going to have to change my name and return the identity to the original owner :o|

Who should/can I be now?!

I was (but cannot be) aneri_masi anymore :o|


Friday, January 29, 2010

The Maaaa....

When I was a child, I thought Nirupa Roy was Niru Paroy, (since I only knew the name Niru...I knew three different Niru's... and Nirupa never occurred to me). I spent quite some time thinking what kind of a surname Paroy is! Whatever does it mean, which state do the Paroys come from.

Later, when I bothered to read the credits in the movies, I figured out what her name was. Oh well, so she was not from some exotic descent, just good old Bengali (Actually, she was Gujarati according to wikipedia!) So then I spent some time wondering what the heck kind of a name was Nirupa? I knew Rupa, Surupa, Rupali, Rupal, but Nirupa? I had just started Hindi as a second language in school, and according to what I read in the grammar books, "ni" kind of meant "lacking". As in नीरस was dull, निराकार meant without shape. Then Nirupa meant what? No roop? Too complex!

After watching too much of her sad depiction of Ma, I started to despise her! To the point that some times, I would actually try to tune myself out whenever she appeared on screen. what inspired this thought process was this post by Indiequill. I forwarded it to my friend. She (and me too) loved the bit about the Maaaaaa....

And I started thinking about her yet again! Wondering if she actually had any sons, and did she expect them to be like Beeeejay (Amitabh Bacchan aka Vijay...duh!!!). Google came to the rescue, of course. I loved this line from wikipedia:

"She was notorious for always playing the mother that was either blind, handicapped, poor. She almost always mangaged to lose her kids somehow in every movie"

But coming back to her own son... here's what I found!

Maa ke naam pe kalank, huh?!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Am getting requests to update my blog, but am at a loss about things to write about.
Anything anyone wants me to talk about??