Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bye Bye

We're selling off car #1 tomorrow. Am sad.

I wanted to go for one last drive in the car. It is special to me, you see. I had noticed the car before I noticed the man. We met at work, you see. One day, I drove in to work, and saw this shiny blue car that I had never seen before. I saw it the next day, and the next. Hmm..some new person in the office then. Eventually I found out who it was, eventually we went on our first date in this very car. Eventually, we took quite a few road trips. Created quite a few memories...

This didn't last too long though. We got car #2, my Dhanno, and #1 was used infrequently. #3 arrived a couple weeks ago. She doesn't have a name yet.

Anyway, where was I...yes, I wanted to go for one last drive.
Had a crazy day today. Work starts at 0830am everyday. Got out of office at 5:50 to attend the Area Level contest for Toastmasters which started at 6:00 and went on till 9:00. I got home after 930pm and work started again at 10:30pm.

We managed to get out only after midnight. Brought back a lot of life lived in the last 7-8 years. Ups and downs, good stuff, bad stuff, fun stuff, sad stuff.

Bye bye, dear, will miss you. You were fun and we loved you a lot! Hope we are sending you to a good home!


2:50AM, work is still not done, oh well...such is life! Up and down, good and bad, fun and sad!


Ria said...

such a sweet ode to ur old car!! :)

Cinderella said...

Awww...this is a nostalgic post!

Cars have this habit of taking a permanent niche in your hearts...I still love our good old Amba Dad got when I was 5, missed it big time when it was sold off. This post brings back those memories.

Your night out must have been wonderful! Smile!

aneri_masi said...

ria, thank you :) I so sappy, na, lol!

ella, don't know if its just cars or anything you have had for a long time, especially some things that marked the beginning of things to come! I was never too attached to the cars my dad had, coz he kept changing them so often. This one's 11 yrs old, and my Dhanno will be 7 next month.

Amba! What a lovely name!

Cinderella said...

LOL! Yeah I always called it that...Ambassador is just too long!

P said...

I hear you. I donated my first car few months ago to a charity and am still sad. It was an old car bought from my poor grad student salary. It helped me survive in a public transport less, snowy mid-western university town and kept my feeling of independence alive even when I moved to the scary crowded bay area. But it was getting too high maintenance. I feel like I am a parent who cannot take care of her kid and gives it up for adoption :(

I am said...

good :) get rid of # 3 also :D just have Dhanno :)

Kanan said...

Transformation is good.

Nicely written story. I liked the last sentence a lot.

aneri_masi said...

tanu, why do you want me to do that??