Monday, June 21, 2010

Loving this!

Maybe I will buy it...

Friday, June 11, 2010


Last Friday, I reached Pune, and said I am home.
Today, the Friday after that one, I am leaving for San Francisco, saying I am going home.

Where is home? Where the heart is, right? But where is your home when half your heart is in Pune and the other half in San Francisco?

Not sure why I decided to move to the US...I think because that's what everyone else was doing. To anyone who is considering moving just for the heck of it (like me), don't do it! It is very hard to leave when you see your mom sitting like a frail rag doll, who you can't hug tight to say bye...fearing that her recently sewn together chest might crack open again. And it is very hard to stay when you know your husband is all alone at home, waiting for that 5 minute phone call every day.

So if you don't have to do it, don't split your heart into two like this!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

24+ hours with myself

Am on my way to India...for a quick one week visit. Going by myself, so have to spend 24+ hours with myself. Its going good so far!

Had heard a lot about Emirates, how good it is and all. Will say, meh, not too impressed (or maybe I am just spoiled, who knows!) They did send a limo to pick me up (errmmm, yeah, I am spoiled, I traveled business class, so its included), which was nice. But apart from that, it was just like any other airline. Meh..

Oh, and they didn't have ear-plugs in that nice pouch they give away. It seemed to have good stuff (bvlgari and all), but no ear-plugs. What's the point then :( I had a nice flat bed, but I couldn't sleep much. Too noisy :(

Oh, and the food was, at least to me, unpalatable. May be just my mood, who knows!? Been sick for the past..umm..2 weeks. Some strange cold I have gotten, refuses to go!

Oh, one interesting thing though...they allow us to use cell phones while flying. I didn't try it, but they said we could. Wondering what AT&T would charge me for that!
One thing I would like to know...if its free, why is it ok to start drinking at 2 in the afternoon? I went into the business class lounge after check-in, and they were giving out coupons for 2 free alcoholic beverages. EVERYBODY used them. Kind of disgusting, no? 2 pm? Seriously!? I considered giving mine away to whoever I would see first, but then figured why bother.

This is the first time ever I am going to India with such little luggage. One small bag, checked in! I felt so light and free, breezing throught security and everywhere else with just a purse, while others were trying to figure out which arm should carry what.

This is the first time ever in my life that I am traveling anywhere without a book! Any guesses as to what I did instead? Carried my crochet along! Am halfway through yet another scarf! :)

I watched movies, lots of them!

Kartik Calling Kartik first. I had heard for the movie, but I quite liked it. Farhaan is awesome, and pretty. I wish she could act as well as she looked!

Then was Manzi - 1979 - Amitabh and Mausamil! It started off with the song
Rimjhim gire saawan
Sulag sulag jaaye mann
Bheege aaj is mausam mein
Lagi kaise yeh agan...

Now, I am assuming you have not watching this movie. So guess what the picturization of this song would be like?

Dashing Amitabh, mesmerizing Mausami in a very beautiful locale, doing some form of rain dance.



It was Amitabh, wearing a kurta-pyjama and black vest on top. Sitting on the floor. Playing a harmonium and singing at an indoor wedding.

Can't imagine that, can you? Well, that's how it was!

The movie was good though, and the song did repeat again, with the two walking along Marine Drive in pouring rain. Loved it!

Then..I tried watching Lovely Bones. Couldn't. I had read the book, but the movie seemed a little weird. So switched to "The Invention Of Lying". That was entertaining for a while, but not too long.

Then...I went to Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani! LOVED it! Loved the goofy dialogues! Especially the last one from Sajid Don...pakad ke rakhna, chhod na nahi, chakkar aa raha hai! Only thing was past 1am, and all the other passengers were sleeping, so I could not laugh out loud (I was anyway freaking them out with my coughing, adding laughing to that would really set them on edge!). So I will watch it again, so I can LOL  :)

Am at Dubai airport now. Didn't eat much on the flight, and am starving now. Got a banana muffin, which also I am hating.

Need to go find some food that I can actually eat...tata