Friday, December 3, 2010

I can laugh about it now :-)

Last night, I got quite a scare. I was doing some office work in the bedroom, hubby was in another room working on his stuff.

Suddenly I heard some noises outside, someone moving the trashcan around, and then running across the yard. I wondered why the hubby was out that late at night, and what was he throwing in the yard waste bin. And why was he running, I have never seen him run since the last 8 years I have known him! Oh well, whatever, people do strange things as they get older ;-)
I got back to work.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rings. Ok, so did he lock himself out too? No, that can't be!
Its pretty late at night, and no one ever visits before calling. So what's this? Hubby opened the door and there was a cop asking if he had heard someone run into our yard. He said yeah, he did. Cop said they were chasing someone and they think he ran this way. Could he look into our yard? We were more than happy, thankful, in fact, that he came to look.

He looked, found no one. I told him which direction I heard him running. Nothing there either. I told him I heard him doing something with the trashcan, maybe he put something in there? He looked, it was empty (it was garbage pickup day yesterday, so it was clean). He left and I was still scared. I went back to work, and soon forgot about it.

Around midnight, I was still awake, and wondering what exactly he was doing with the trashcan. There's a gate on the side, and right after you come in, the trash can is in a corner on the right. So it was not in his way. Then I realized and burst out laughing, waking up the poor, snoring hubby :-)

He had jumped the gate. I did not hear the gate opening. It opens with a loud creak, so I would not have missed it. He jumped over the gate and on the trash can :-) If only the bin was open, the cops would have got their man ;-) What a scene that would have been! These bins are big, and not easy to get out of!
The rogue was quite civil though. He fell on the trash can, the trash can toppled over, and he put it upright before he started to run away again. (I know this, because I heard it, all the while thinking the hubby was doing something in the yard). So very considerate :-)

The other thing that struck me...the thief quite happily jumped the gate, and ran wild in my yard. But the cop had to ring the bell and ask for permission. The irony of it all!

Oh well. Am glad I can laugh about it now :-)