Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bye Bye

We're selling off car #1 tomorrow. Am sad.

I wanted to go for one last drive in the car. It is special to me, you see. I had noticed the car before I noticed the man. We met at work, you see. One day, I drove in to work, and saw this shiny blue car that I had never seen before. I saw it the next day, and the next. Hmm..some new person in the office then. Eventually I found out who it was, eventually we went on our first date in this very car. Eventually, we took quite a few road trips. Created quite a few memories...

This didn't last too long though. We got car #2, my Dhanno, and #1 was used infrequently. #3 arrived a couple weeks ago. She doesn't have a name yet.

Anyway, where was I...yes, I wanted to go for one last drive.
Had a crazy day today. Work starts at 0830am everyday. Got out of office at 5:50 to attend the Area Level contest for Toastmasters which started at 6:00 and went on till 9:00. I got home after 930pm and work started again at 10:30pm.

We managed to get out only after midnight. Brought back a lot of life lived in the last 7-8 years. Ups and downs, good stuff, bad stuff, fun stuff, sad stuff.

Bye bye, dear, will miss you. You were fun and we loved you a lot! Hope we are sending you to a good home!


2:50AM, work is still not done, oh well...such is life! Up and down, good and bad, fun and sad!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mean boyzzz

The boyz are being mean to me :(

The hubby took the neighbour out for a ride in his new M3, and then the neighbour took the hubby out for a ride in his Corvette.

Mean boyzzz...not taking me along :(

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ever noticed how... you get to know and like a person, their smile seems prettier, their voice happier, their whole being just perfect? Even though it is an average person with their long list of flaws and idiosyncrasies?

And how when you get to know and NOT like a person, even their good qualities some how seem tarnished?

Its ALL in our heads :-)

Moral is a very cliched one: Be who you want to be, be someone you will like. Because everyone else, every single person you meet, will have different perspectives and opinions about you. Keep yourself happy, baaki duniya jaaye jhakh maarne (ask any gujju friend of yours what this last phrase means :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Strange things happening today...

This is just for me to look back at in the future and laugh my guts out, like everyone who I shared this with did...

Code that ran perfectly fine, that I was happy with, stops working.
Says, your stack is out of shape (something like that...)
Now, I don't know of what exercises I can recommend for the stack to get back in shape.

I tried a few more things, and get this, I get java.lang.Object not found!
No, really!

Back to chasing the Object...

Happy Birthday!

Apun ka blog ka happy birthday tha kal.