Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who'da thunk!

कभी हमने नहीं सोचा था,
ऐसा दिन भी आएगा

I would never, ever, not even in my wildest dreams, had imagined that I would cook SO well!
So much, that I prefer my cooking to anyone else's cooking. And I mean anyone!
Why is this such a surprise?
Because growing up, I hated anything related to food. Eating as well!
When I was a child, I refused to eat.
As a teenager, the thought of having to learn cooking literally brought tears into my eyes. I used to burn food simply so that I would not be asked to do it again! I thought cooking was for boring people.
When asked to help in the kitchen, I would have a genuine question as to why me? There are so many others! 3 elder sisters, mom, maid, they're all there. Why me?

Even now my family refuses to believe I cook.

But then, miracles do happen :-) I am glad this one did!

कभी हमने नहीं सोचा था
ऐसा दिन भी आएगा
पानी में आग लगेगी
पत्थर भी पिघल जायेगा
हमसे अच्छा कौन है ;-)


Veens said...

:o)Well things do change for the better! And someday, i have to get to eat what you prepare... :) :)

aneri_masi said...

yes, veens, come over!

Cinderella said...

Haha! Deja vu. :D But a difference. I still prefer moms cooking to mine. Just mom.

Vrij said...

Love that last line.. and the underline!

aneri_masi said...

Ella, I think I have aced mom in the things we both make :-) I don't make Gujarati food at all, so can't compete in that one.

Vrij, thanks!

Prateek Sur said...

i love cooking..although i know ppl do tell me that its not a boyish thing to do but still i love to cook..
try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts..would love to hear from following u for a long tym so i guess u would return the favour someday..

Ria said...

Ha glad to knw that u cook so well. Good going...its time for me to brush up my cooking skills.

Rhapsody said...


LOL @"I used to burn food simply so that I would not be asked to do it again!"
Chatur Kash:)