Monday, February 1, 2010

Identity Crisis :O

So y'all know why my name is aneri_masi, right?
Alright, if you don't know, here it is again.

My sister's first kid, Aneri, was born about 12 years ago. She and I were (and still are) the only ones here in the US, rest of the family was (and still is) at home, in India. (Funny how home is always India no matter how long ago you left without any intentions of returning!). this little angel was born (I started to say brat, but can't. She was (and still is) a very good kid. And there are too many parantheses here!) this angel was born (actually she was (but isn't anymore) a GIANT baby from a tiny mother. People would ask her, seriously? YOU carried HER? Parantheses overload again!) she was born and everyone wanted to see pics. I was (and still am) the most computer savvy one in the family. So I had to figure out how to share the pics.

Yahoo was (aah, here, I can say, but it is not anymore!) one of the most convenient tools to share pics. So I got a new account, and called myself aneri_masi. The rest, you all already know, no? Half the world knows ME as Aneri!

Now, coming to the identity crisis part:

Aneri (the real one) is on my FB. I post comments to her comments saying "I agree with Aneri", and THAT feels weird! Or I say, "Hi Aneri, how are you?" and it feels like I have completely lost my mind...asking myself how I am doing!?

Looks like I am going to have to change my name and return the identity to the original owner :o|

Who should/can I be now?!

I was (but cannot be) aneri_masi anymore :o|



Preeti said...

You'll always be aneri ki masi dont fret :)

Ria said...

lol!!Kash what a post... :P So u wud much rather be liked to be called Kashmira and not aneri_masi. :D What say!?

Kanan said...

There's only one alphabet that makes me smile. You know which one it is! :D

aneri_masi said...

@Preeti, not fretting, just that I never imagined I would one day be known by her name and "this" would happen when I did "that" 12 years ago :o|

@Ria, no no, kashmira is so boring. I like aneri_masi, but I think it is time to let the girl have her name back. No?

@Kanan, no, kanan, *batting_eyes*, I don't know. Tell me which one?

Cinderella said...

Haha...I knew this was coming when I saw your comments to !

Rhapsody said...

OMG! I am so,so, so 'surprised' to see this post.
You won't believe it..about 2 hrs back I was wondering why do you call yourself 'aneri masi'..i mean its such a unique name.. and I came to your blog looking for the same...thought I might find something in previous posts...and yahan to latest post hi uske baare main hai. :)

I am still wondering how did this happen! really!!:)

aneri_masi said...

@Ella, I guess even you must have found that strange :)

@Rhapsody, haha :) But ab itna mat socho :)

Aro said...

hmmm..nope did not know clue..but then...why change a good thing...imagine the endless hours you will have to think...oooffff..seems like work...too much....

HEY...I don't have to do anything right??? as in change the link in my blog to come here????

aneri_masi said...

Aro, hahaha, yeh lo, yahaan itni badi crisis bani padi hai, and you are worried abt the work YOU might have to do.

Ok, to save you some time, i will not change anything :D

Renu said...

Now i know:)..I always wondered about it:)

Aro said...

you got to understand one thing...I am naturally unatheletic, have an allergy to anything which even looks like work especially for me

So thanks a loooottt

I am said...

ha ha ha :)

u just become masi :)

aneri_masi said...

@RenuDi, you shlda just asked, Didi :)

@Aro, You are welcome, most welcome :P

@Tanu, whatz wrong with u? aaj kal itne boring se naam de rahi hai mujhe?

Cinderella said...

Umm..what I found strange was a 12 year old on FB. Then I kinda gave in, to the idea, just the way I had when I'd found my 14 year old cousin on orkut flirting with random engg coll guys she didnt even know.

Times are changing. I feel old. :|

aneri_masi said...

@Ella, true. I guess I didn't find it odd because the youngest orkut member I know is 10 yrs old :O