Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chain of Thoughts...

Its amazing how one thought leads to another...

I was making a piece of jewelry yesterday for a friend P, and started thinking about her personality and all. I thought she used to be so quiet and almost formal earlier..much better now.

Me: Wonder if she talks more to others. Oh yeah, she talks to her colleague, J
change scene to cafeteria, where we are all having lunch

J: I used to live in LA earlier
P: How long were you there?
J: *mumble mumble*...I lived East of Hollywood

Back in my work room
Me: Hmm...Hollywood...I wonder if people think everyone in Hollywood is in the movies. As if everyone in Mumbai is related to Bollywood and movies. Nah.

Bollywood...why do all Miss India's become actresses? Being pretty doesn't necessarily mean they can act. Priyanka Chopra is ok though...

Priyanka Chopra...she was good in Fashion. Who was that other girl...with a shrieking  voice...Kangna

Kangna...bangle...why would anyone name their kid bangle? Well, if they can name them Payal, then why not Bangle. And if anklet and bracelet are ok, then why not name their kid "Angoothi"

Logically, this should have led to me thinking about making "Angoothi" since I was making jewelry at the time. But the chain stopped there because the name "Angoothi" sounds weirrrrrd.

So...from how shy a person is ... to ... would anyone name their child a "Finger Ring"

I like my mind, keeps me entertained ;-)


Vrij said...

And I like this post.. kept me entertained too!

Cindy Cima said...

The mind is funny that way! Cute post!