Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tidbits....some sweet...some funny

Some of my friends are missing me :D So a short update...

  • Saw a tow-truck broke down in the middle of the road. I found it so strange :) Who is gonna tow that poor thing away now :D

  • Saw a stupid kid riding a bicycle yesterday. What's stupid about that? She was riding it in the middle of the road! In the opposite direction. I mean, I see this stupid kid coming straight at me on the road. She got off the road when we got closer, and back again in the center until she came across another oncoming car. Stupid, stupid kid!

  • I saw my friend's week-old baby! So adorable! And the parents were so delighted, that was a treat in itself!

  • We added YET another gardening tool to our tool-shed. Got a hedge trimmer this time, the hubby's having fun trimming things around the yard.

  • Our tomato plants are getting out of control!

  • FINALLY saw Jab We Met :) Enjoyed it quite a lot!

  • My sister is going ballistic over her 15 yr old son's hair :) He's grown it out and straightened it. I like :) The boy's having fun!

  • I saw a 3D sonogram of an unborn baby. His wife's parents actually bought the ultra-sound machine that could do this. When he told us that he has 3D pics of the baby, I jokingly asked him, does he look like you, he answered very seriously, well...my wife's parents think he looks like her, but his foot is exactly like mine. Then he showed us the pic of the baby's foot, and then his foot.
  • ***P asked me in her comment how we reacted to this. I said nothing, hubby said, hmm..yeah, it IS like yours :) Guys ARE getting more sensitive these days ;)
  • My little niece got her own email account, and wrote to me today! She sounded so excited.

  • My old laptop died and went to heaven. I have a new one now, haven't quite bonded with it yet :(

  • Made some awesome ras malai for the first time (and probably the last time! It took so long!!!)

  • Have been on a parantha-fest...made aloo paranthas, and then some mooli paranthas :)
And now again I am wondering why would anyone want to know all this!? And I can already see a comment coming my way saying, yeah, why would anyone care about all this?!


P said...

Maybe you're right that no one needs to know these, but you know what, its actually refreshing to read simple, happy things of life rather than all the venting most of us do in our blogs :)

Similarities in foot in a sonogram! :D How did you react to that?
This weekend I went to meet a friend who has a 1-month old baby girl. She kept asking whom do I think the baby looks like!! I tried really hard but couldn't decide :( All I could see were her chubby cheeks and none of the parents have those :p

aneri_masi said...

@p, thanks so much :) I feel all warm and fuzzy now that my chatter is refreshing!

I have updated the post with the answer to your question about the sonogram. Jaake dekho :)

My best friend's daughter looks like her mom-in-law! Imagine how she must feel ;)

I am said...

well.. this was just a fabulous post :)

I was smiling at the end of each statement..

Hmm lagta hai I have to come down for your Aloo paratha's :) ...am sick and tired of my frozen stock!!!

So u,mmmm when should I come :) ???

aneri_masi said...

@tanu, aa jaao, i will make you whatever you want! I even have "shorshe baata" paste made by my bangladeshi friend! Saturday ko aa jaao, tere "red kurte waale crush" ka bday hai!

~ ॐ ~ said...

Ok sorry to not have met your expectations, but i kinda enjoyed this post :)

Ras Malai? Did I hear that?


Still months before I get something like that to eat !!!

ceedy said...

this is real life and its fun to read about it...

the interesting part is you remember all the little things - that shows the whole of you...

I have two friends who just got baby girls...visits are pending...

~mE said...

Sounds fun :)

Cinderella. said...

I loved reading it di, contrary to your belief !!!

The sonography thing was damn cute !

And its so cute of you to remember these lil things...


Keshi said...

Cute update on ya, tnxx for that. I dunno abt others, but I wanted to know :)

**my wife's parents think he looks like her, but his foot is exactly like mine.

lol sweet!

My lil niece also got her first email account recently and now she wont stop sending me emails *rolling eyes* and all 1 liners. LOL!


Ankur said...

hello hello we care to read and the reason, as P said!! :D

hehe... foot thing, so funny, feet of a grown up and an unborn ... same same!! :D

and she has a mail Id.. wow, whom, Aneri or ?

and the kid was really stupid, they have a bicycle lane in US na???

RAS MALAI!!!!!! :D
mujhe bhi khani hai!! :D
hehe.. when r u comin to pune, aapke yahan par dinner karne aane wala hoon mai... now so many things in menu to eat!! :D

i had fun reading this, and its really refreshing...

Small things make us happy!! :)


--xh-- said...

well, it si always refreshing to read about what is happening,and whn u write it, sprinkled with ur wit, it is a treat to read :-D

i agree - that girl is super stupid to do a stunt like that...
a hedge trimmer - hmm.. happy trimming :)
btw, is the photographer in u taking a long nap now a days???

SambY said...

where is my comment ??? i said i did not like muli paratha..did u delete it cause u love muli paratha ?

Ria said...

u may find it silly!but i find it extremely cute!i mean u hav so much to share.....and it provides a breather to us coz v r anyways surrounded by serious work most of the times. So i dunno abt others but i like it. So u saw Jab We Met now!?thts a bit too late. :) I love ras malai but its very fattening too!

Princess Mia said...

it was so nice reading this post.... can say small things make u happy....heheh

i like teh way u talk of the garden n the tress..hehehhe n yur one liners almost describe the highlights of the day or week......short n sweet literally...

btw i have been damn busy at work thius havent been able to read n comment but i am taking turns so i will see u around soon again....but take care until then n keep it coming.....cos i like to read yru blog....

Preeti said...

I agree with P...i dont care if they r random updates cuz they sure r 'nice' random updates...and it always is nice to know what's goin on in someone else's life... :) me like :)

And aloo parathaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

SwAtI said...

It ws really cute n awesome to have these updates from u.. :)
Coz d real pleasures of life lie in small lil things.. Rt..
That sonograph bit was too funny.. :D
RasMalai... Yummm!!! Even I want some...Plzzzzz!
hope u bond well with ur new laptop...n pls do a new post on ur 'this is wht im grateful for'.. whnever u find time :)

Ashu said...

hey you have any paranthas left ? kids are so cute na, to see them and to play wid them !!!

wow, their fun and naughty deeds, bring giggles on the face :)

And pls pls visit me :)

Kanan said...

Yah! JWM rocks. Watched it umpteen times already and want to watch it again soon.

As for the girl riding bike in opposite direction, I did the same a few weeks back. Why? Because for one I was riding it at night and I found out that there are less chances of a car hitting if you are driving in opposite direction from them than in the same direction. The driver sees you clearly and for sure. But I agree, the middle of the road is not for riding bikes. I hope she had a helmet on.

Fun post. :)

aneri_masi said...

@prashant, hehe :) thanks! Yep, ras-malai bani thi. Mast bani thi ;P
arey wahaan khojo, restaurant mil jayegi where u can get it.

@ceedy, thanks :) this is encouraging. I feel like I can't remember that much anymore though :(
And you gotta go see the babies before they get bigger. Newborns are SO tiny! My friend sent a pic he had taken of us with the baby when we visited. Its SO cute!

@me, thank you hai jee!

@ella, i knew you would like it. am sure you are missing stories abt your jeej tho ;)

aneri_masi said...

@keshi, thanks :) yep, thats exactly what he said, with a dead serious face! my niece is really shy, so am not expecting that many emails from her :)

@ankur, yep, he showed us the similarities. see? you see this? how this finger is long...both mine and his?

hehe, pune jaake main cooking karungi? you think?

aneri_masi said...

@xh, thanku, thanku :) ladki ko i gave dirty looks, like "what-the-heck-are-u-thinking". and she returned them in kind! sigh...kids!

@samby, tumhara comment blogger kha gaya :)

aneri_masi said...

@ria, thanks dear :) yaar, we hardly go to the theater here, the desi theaters are really bad, management aur bhi bekaar. so dvd pe dekhte hain..after a lot of ppl tell us its great (hubby no big fan of hindi movies)

ras malaai...sigh i know...i fed it all to the hubby who is at the same weight for the last 15 yrs!!! not kidding!

aneri_masi said...

@mia, thanks...glad you like it :) and will wait for you to come back! jaldi aana.

@preeti, thats exactly what I like about your posts! (I know, have been a slacker and have not commented, but I have read them all!)

aloo parathaaa....mast tha :)

aneri_masi said...

@swati...yaar, kuch inspiration hi nahi aa rahi aaj kal. But will put up something soon...promise! Bonding with the new laptop is hard man :( Its like a stranger to me right now!

Love your new pic!

@ashu, leftover nahi, fresh bana denge, aa jao :) And I do visit your blog...everyday!

aneri_masi said...

@kanan, yeah what you said makes sense. But this kid was in the middle of the road, at 5:30 in the evening (during rush hour on a relatively busy street) without a helmet! stupid kid, i say again :)

that said, after hearing you rode a bike, i wanna ride a bike too!

ceedy said...

Yeah the little ones are cute - went saw one yesterday she was sleeping (will go back on weekend)

Next one is on Friday...

I love the way they hold your finger :)

Solitaire said...

What do those 3-D pictures look like? Do we have to wear 3-D glasses to see them? :P

That tow truck thing is funny!

aneri_masi said...

@ceedy, hehe, i had tried to make this baby hold my finger, but he was sleeping...so he didn't.

@sol, i could see the features of the baby, it looked like a real face, the rounded nose and eyes and all. And in one pic he was scratching his head :)

Ps said...

:) Tow truck was funny.Niece e-mailing you I can relate to!
Babies always bring a smile to one's face.
Thanks for stopping by!
You asked about my TOI articles.There's a link to them in my site which is preetisatish.com (Just click om 'in print')
They're also supposed to be online somewhere--but this option is easier.
Preeti (just a mother of two)

Keshi said...

btw I updated my blog with my niece's news lol!


Fighter Jet said...

"My old laptop died and went to heaven..."
LOL..ha ha ha ha.. :)

Veens said...

ohh cme on! y do u think otherwise i cme here! to listen to u talk.. :)

now i dint understand hw yur tomato plant is going out of cntrl?! too many tomatoes ehh?! :P

ras - malai! plsss send me a detailed recipe of that thing! love love it!

and paranthas! yumm!

ahh lovely :)

Ria said...

Ask ur hubby to rub some of it on to me, coz my weight keeps fluctuating all the time!i mus say he's really lucky. :)

Preeti said...


Have i ever told u....oh, i dont think i have...(not too late anyway)thhat i LOVEEEE bein pregnant...no, im not married and NOOOO iv never been pregnant!!! ;) but i alwayz admired pregnant ppl! i just stare and then i gt filled with longing! :D

carolinagal said...

Cute post!
Little things such as the ones you described, are what make up life!

Neeku said...

A very nice sweet heartwarming read !


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

I second carolinagal completely!

btw, new laptop. *envy envy*

Macadamia The Nut said...

Ahh! 3D images on demand
Scary, no? In a way..?

My lappie died too :((
I miss it
Got a mac... but the bonding isn't easy
Stoooopid thing!

Macadamia The Nut said...

Ahh! 3D images on demand
Scary, no? In a way..?

My lappie died too :((
I miss it
Got a mac... but the bonding isn't easy
Stoooopid thing!