Friday, August 1, 2008

Awesome awesome week...

Getting lots of good news this week :)

A friend of mine who had been laid off a few months ago got a job. Just had lunch with him, and he looked SO upbeat and happy!

My cousin's son who moved here from India only last week also has an offer in hand (even before he got his SSN in hand!). He called me right after I got back from lunch to share his news.

How awesome is that!

And I am super relaxed because I have been sleeping REALLY well last two days (last week was hell because I was getting only about 4 hrs of sleep everyday, and a lot of driving around and organizing to do for the aforementioned nephew and his wife). They are nicely settled into their apartment three days ago, and my life's back to its own pace.

And I feel good about being a good aunty to two people...

  1. To the aforementioned nephew and his wife (she went "yikes" when I told her, "You know P, technically, I would be your मौसी-सासुमा!" I went "yikes" at that too, and the hubby said, "that's cool, उस से सेवा करवाओ")

  2. To Aneri. Its her birthday on Monday and I sent her a "Jakks Vmigo Handheld Dog Chihuaha". I have no clue whatsoever what the heck it is, but thats what she wanted, and thats what she gets :)

And I am super thrilled. About what? Welllll....I have coral colored nails today :D
And I am wearing this t-shirt I bought from Alaska. Its white, and has line drawings of butterflies and flowers in black. You know...the kind of drawing's you'd see in a child's coloring book? Ho-hum, what's so great about that you say?
तो सुनो इस्पेसिअल बात... The minute I step out in the sun, the butterflies and flowers turn blue and pink and green :D
Super, eh? My colleagues and I did this drill of going in the building and out again a couple times just to see the colors changing. Ha ha, such fun!

And oh, the work on the spa has finally begun. Now I wake up to see some guys digging in the backyard (and of course I do go yikes! every time I see them) instead of squirrels and birds and cats!

Have an awesome weekend, yall!


Neeku said...

sounds like an awesome week :) good good :)

hope you have more of such weeks :)

Have a good weekend ahead :)

Vrij said...

Keep up the good work sasuma!!

Its ok if u find urself being a sasuma at this age.. U'd find younger grandmoms in Ekta Kapoor's serials :))

Aah.. a spa at home.. lucky u.. and I hope the workers dont act smart wid ur garden.

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

rang badalne wali titliyan :P
woooooowwwwww kinna achha t shirt hai :P


give aneri loads of love and wishes from me too on her birthday...and sahi hai aapki life toh mast settled hai..congrats and stay happy like this :)

Cinderella. said...

Wow...someone's having all the fun aur aap bol rahe ho aapko break chahiye....!!!!!

I want one of those white butterfly tees for my bday tooooooooo...

Jeejs is damn idea diye hain seva karwayi kya ?

Crystal! said...


That seemed like a "puurr-fect" weekend han!!

ceedy said... kale bore thayo and tamne maja padi...

great have a nice weekend...

p¡£®®£(X000nie) said...

Glad 2 knw dat u havin a nice time...

Nice blog a nice bakground colour...:)

Peter Chacko
F.R.E.N.Z. 4.E.V.E.R.

Preeti said...

SOOOOOOOOOO happy for u...

P.S: can i use the spa sometime? :D

Preeti said...

And tshirt...!!! WOWWWWWWWW! me wantttttttt!

Ankur said...

happy birthay to Aneri.. its monday, india time! :D
usko meri taraf se wish karna na plzzzz... :D
she is so cute! :)

and seriously... itni achi achi khabars hai.. mast wali... maja aa gaya! !:)

n weekend kaisa raha..

and spa at home?? :o
by god.. u r lucky!!

have fun.. tk cr

Veens said...

wow!!!!! spa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plsssss invite me to yur place.. if i ever ever visit there :D

TShirt... arr put sme pics pls :P

wow amazing :))

Veens said...

what happens wen u wash that t shirt by the by :P

Keshi said...

Awesome indeedz! :)


aneri_masi said...

@neeku, thanks!

@vrij, einh, i don't care so much abt it, since my family is so big, I am some kind of aunt or the other since I was a kid.

And no worries abt the garden being messed up. We had always planned on putting a spa there, so no plants put in as yet. Planting will happen after the digging's done :)

@sourish, thanks :) Will def wish her!

aneri_masi said...

@Ella, yeah, I do still need that break! t-shirt to special hai, khojna hoga! And seva...I guess...a little bit, she helped chop up veggies and stuff. Baaki I don't like anyone messing with my kitchen (shesh! can't believe I said that!)

@ceedy, yaa, good news malya badhe thi etle majaa :) how was your weekend?

aneri_masi said...

@crystal, naam kaise change ho gaya tera? yep, it was purrfect :)

@Peter, thanks and welcome :)

@Preeti, of course! I wish I could have all my gal pals out here when its done!

@ankur, sure thing! and yes, I am lucky, woh to hai!

@veens, aa jaao, invite karne ki kya zaroorat. And t-shirt stays fine after washing :)

aneri_masi said...

keshi, thanks :)

carolinagal said...

Are Waah!
Ekdum majhaa!

Ankur said...

hehe.. jitne bhi replies padhe, sabme khudki badhai!! :P
sahi ja rahe ho aap ekdum... hehe

ab kaise ho, abhi bhi busy???

Mez said...

Hey what do coral colored nails look like? Pics pls :)

Aaarti said...


Love the background.. am crazyy about Butterflies and my eyes started to twinkly twinkle the minute i read about your T shirt with butterflies on it... :D


Cinderella. said...

I so agree di !

I dont like it too. I mean my kitchen's every masala dabba also has its own specific place which ppl change to change n you dont seem to find it after they keep it sumwr it doesnt belong....

And he cant keep a single thing in place n search the whole house for almost every damn thing...!!

Veens said...

whats up?!

inni busy hai kya?

Solitaire said...

Good good!! Hope the stroke of good luck continues.

The Paratrooper said...

aaha... this should be in your grateful blog... i havent seen that yet ki hai ki nahi.... chichuaha... chote se doggy... lol...real wala dena tha..toy se accha..but well she wanted that as u pa rahe ho drilling and digging ki aawaz me ?

aneri_masi said...

@cg, yep, totally :)

@ankur, not sure why you feel so. Most of my replies were "thank you". And even if khud ki badhaai kar dee, to galat kya bola ;)

@mez, hmm ok. will take a pic soon (before it chips off :\)

@aarti, I love the background too! And the t-shirt is so much fun :)

@ella, tu bhi grihini ban gai tab to :p

@veens, very busy :(

@sol, am sure it will :) I guess because it is more about having a sunny outlook than about luck!

aneri_masi said...

@trooper, arey they are not so loud, chalta hai! grateful blog to band hi pada hai kaafi weeks se, can't think of anything to write there.

aneri_masi said...

@trooper, aur asli doggie uski mamma laane nahi deti, and not sure if she likes real ones either..

The Paratrooper said...

lol... what diff does it make....real wala bhi handheld hihai....atleast she wnt hurt the doll by mistake

I am said...

post kahaan hai weekend ka :) ???? waiting to read :)

Cinderella. said...

Yeah...almost...sigh....ek do saal mein fultoo ban hi jaungi...eeeehhhh..n that scares me big time !

Macadamia The Nut said...

I'm definitely paying you a visit after you complete work on your spa

Here's to a nice month!

Crystal.. said...

dint feel like using my real identity.

thnx for sayin my previous pic was cute :)
so many people saying ki woh vaali ws better..
me thinking ov chnging! :D

Pri said...

whoaa :o
mere absense mein itna kuch hoying and koi mujhe nahi bataying :-/

give my wishes to early for her next birthday :D
and that tshirt...mujhe bhi time get such interesting things in pairs ok? heehee...ahem! ;)

Anindita said...

even I want a t shirt with them butterflies changing colours! :D

You seem to have had an awesome week indeed! Hope the feeling continues! ;)

Ankur said...

eggjactly!! :D
khud ki badai bhi kar hi leni chaiye ;)

waise ho kahan par aap??? kaise ho... itna kidhar busy??

i m at home, enjoyin my stay here till Rakhi!!!

aneri_masi said...

@trooper, I think the main difference wld be the real waala will need real feeding and real cleaning :)

@tanu...kan se waala? you were supposed to update abt the CRY event na?

@ella, another one bites the dust, sighhh...

@mac, absolutely! I would SO love to have all my gal pals over when its all done. And have hubby play bartender for us :)

@crystal, yep, woh waali zyaada achhi thi!

@pri, yep, you shldn't disappear like this :)

@ankur, yaar lekin maine badhaai kee kab, yeh to batao?!?!
Yeah, busy as usual...home and work :( I guess ab normal life hi aisi ho gai hai!