Saturday, September 20, 2008

Traditions - II

Thanks everyone for sharing your traditions. I got a little bit from everyone...

So here's what I think I will do.

1) Rangoli (suggested by: everyone)
2) Diyas (suggested by: everyone)
3) Mithai. I think I will make some kaju barfi. (suggested by: everyone)
4) Donate something or volunteer. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do exactly.
(suggested by: Ankur and Sourish)
5) Make a gift for hubby (suggested by: Prashant)
This year I am going to make some sketches of his favorite things to hang in his office. The kurta will be next year :)
6) Decorate the in change the settings, etc. (suggested by: Renu)
7) Buy some small (since I already have more than I need!) piece of jewellery (suggested by: my space)
8) Either invite someone for dinner (suggested by: everyone :) or watch a classic Bollywood movie (suggested by: Megha)
9) Send out cards to friends and family. At least they will think of me once a year ;-)



Kanan said...

At work, we all (Indians, Pakistanis and any other folks who wanna join) wear Indian clothes and go to an Indian restaurant for lunch. :) It's so much fun.

carolinagal said...

If its not too late...may I pass on a suggestion?

To add on to the Holiday cards can make your OWN cards and send them. That will be extra special and will have your personal touch. Michael's has so much stuff that you can buy to make your own greeting cards. It will be a fun project and people will proudly display your 'hand-made' cards :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

approved :)

Vrij said...


Use candles to light up ur home. Turn off most lights in the house. It wud look awesome.

I am said...

nice...lekin mera suggestion to ekdum over rule hoga :( !!

aneri_masi said...

@kanan, last year we had worn Indian clothes and had a potluck at work, had a blast!

@cg, I had thought of that, but then was not sure how many would appreciate the "hand-made" part. I guess I can make them for some special folks and buy for the rest.

@prashant, :-)

@vrij, yeah, we use candles.

@tanu, yaar, zinda rehna chahti hoon, thats why.. But the kurta, as you suggested, will be red, whenever it will be made :)

Cinderella. said...

Awesome ideas di. I was thinking of sending a card to parents also.

BTw the kurta idea is brilliant ! Mind if I borrow it for next yr - mine will be cool blue though ?

DeeplyDip said...

ou've got a nice long list of things to do this diwali! Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

chalo u GOT something TO DO :)

i kinda m still thinking.. abt yur list.. and hw much of it is doable ;)

aneri_masi said...

@Ella, the kurta idea is all yours :) Banake mujhe bhi sikhana :)

@deeplydip, now lets see how much of this I actually do!

@veens, doable kyu nahi lag raha?? :(

I am said...

chalo kuch to include hua :) meri choice ka :)

vishv said...

what did u plan to do finally..??

we all are at cahil right now..and will be till diwali... so i guess it will be happy times for us....

i liked that card wala suggestion...atleast people will remebr u once a year... lol..nice