Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bell Bajao!

March 8th is International Women's Day. Think about what this means, and how you would like to celebrate it.

Yesterday I had sent an email to some of my closest girls (sorry, guys, the email specifically asked me to pick precisely 12 women :) who have in some way touched my life, made it better, helped me be a better person. I bet all my recipients loved it!

I now urge you to include more women in this circle! Not just 12! Not just the ones you know and those who have helped you. But those whom YOU can help.

How? By joining the campaign against Domestic Violence.

In fact, keeping in mind the recent events in Mangalore and Bangalore, not just Domestic Violence, but any kind of violence against women.

Those of you in India may already have heard of the "Bell Bajao" campaign. What is different about this campaign is that it urges MEN to take a stand against domestic violence.
It asks us to do just one simple thing. Intervene when you see abuse, some times that is all it takes! I read an interview of Boman Irani's on the Bell Bajao website, and the gist of what he said, intervention can be very powerful. Just interrupt them, look them in the eye, say something completely irrelevant, say nothing, anything that you can think of at the time, do whatever, but do it. Interrupt! It works!

Of course there are other things that need to be done as well. But this is a start!

So lets spread the word, increase awareness, and fight this beast once and for all!

I would love to see a post about this on your blogs on March 8th. I will definitely do the same.
Am specially looking forward to posts from the guys here :)

You can find more details about it at their website:

Even if you are not a blogger, there is a LOT you can do! The website has lots of resources that you can use to bring about change in your community.

Here is some history and more information about International Women's Day


--xh-- said...

:) already a part of this movement....

Aathira said...

I have seen the ads on TV and it is one of the most amazing Ads which I have seen. Maybe because its a social cause they are fighting for.

They make it understood that intervening and breaking the chain of ongoing activities can make the most effect. I guess in the Indian scenario, it might be better than fighting directly against it, as men then take it to be offensive and might further resort to the same to prove that they are not going to be deterred.

I liked the concept of just saying something unrelated, but giving the victim time to do something about the violence at that time.

D said...

I find the Bell Bajao campaign awesome! It's like raising your voice against what's wrong just by ringing a bell. And it is time we stopped ignoring the wrong being done because it doesn't affect us. We can't shut out the reality by closing our eyes to it.

Chirag said...

Great Initiative :)

Akshay said...

The ads on TV are amazing..... when i saw it for the first time....i got goose bumps...

hitch writer said...

nice idea... this... thankfully, havent had to ring abell yet..

aneri_masi said...

@xh, Not surprised at all, my friend :)

athira, d, exactly! It is very simple and powerful!

@chirag, akshay, hitch, yep! its something that needs resolution.

@all, I do hope to see posts from you all about this :)