Thursday, June 11, 2009

This makes me want to laugh, and also makes me angry!

Just came across this piece of news that says an American passenger managed to get past the security systems at New Delhi Airport – and almost through Chennai on Thursday – before being caught with a gun and 35 rounds of ammunition in his baggage.

What makes me laugh is this:
He says he did not know the Indian laws about carrying fire arms on flights.
Hello? Are you dumb? Or do you think the people you are trying to sell this story to are dumb? This is almost like saying, I didn't know it was illegal to kill someone in India!

What makes me angry is this:
He got past the security systems at New Delhi Airport, and almost through Chennai. After the regular, almost monthly attacks all over the country, he could get past the security!


The abstract scientist said...

it is a funny world isn't it, and we (well most of us) are jokers.

I am said...

hmm i have been away from news..



aneri_masi said...

@abstract, so true! Didn't know you followed my blog, first time commenting here, right?

@tanu, yeh kya comment hua bhai?

Ria said...

Its really disgusting!!i am fed up with the lackadaisical attitude of the ppl of this country! When will they stop taking it for granted??

aneri_masi said...

@ria, what does this BIGGG word mean?
lackadaisical? (too lazy to open a dictionary)

Arv said...

security sucks big time... atleast am glad that the guy didnt enter my city :)

Mysterious Mia said...

its so frustrating that after so much happening in our security measures have been tighted.....

r the lives of our countrymen so dispensable?