Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I went to the Indian grocery store today. They usually have some bhajan videos running on screens around the store, which I mostly ignore. The one playing today totally caught my attention. It was in Punjabi. A Sikh guy was singing. The bhajan was about Balaaji. I thought this is new, a Punjabi song for Tirupati Balaji, and I looked at the screen. He was singing it to an idol of Hanumanji!

I agree that I have been away from the country for a long long time. I agree that I don't go to the temple at all and thus not following the religions of India too closely. But when and how did this happen? Nothing wrong with it, of course, but still. When and how did this happen??


To all those who have missed me, sorry for being away for so long, and thank you sooo much for thinking of me! Have just been busy with a lot of different things lately, hence the absence. Not sure when I will be able to as regular as before, but definitely try to write more.


Sharanya said...

hehe i kinda like this guy..:) he is true follower of the philosophy all gods are the same :D

Mysterious Mia said...

there u goooooooo, keep it coming aneri

n hey dont think too much abt when n how did u stop following religions of india....cos i living in india also dont go to the temples n all.....i think God is everywhere u dont need to go to a temple to seek him...

Veens said...

er! Maybe He got confused with the lyrics! :)

Hope all's well in your part of the world!

aneri_masi said...

@Sharanya, yep, I agree :) Sing what you like to who you like :)

@Mia, am not thinking about religions at all :) Never have, never will, simply don't believe in God! I go to temples to admire the architecture, thassit. Sooo...my dear, this was all for fun, a joke :>

@veensie, I am sooooooooooo upset with you! Here I am worrying about where you disappeared, your blogs are gone, orkut gone, no emails, and there you are happily blogging somewhere else quite regularly! Not fair!!!!!

Vrij said...

Kindly go through this link!


aneri_masi said...

Thanks for sharing that link, Vrij. I had no idea! Good to know!

Veens said...

grrrr! didn't i TELL YOU!

remember .. veena.h.regit AT gmail.com

I sent couple of emails from that ID!

And then yu disappeared :P

I am fine! Mail me girlie :)

Nitin said...

// When and how did this happen??

What .. that Hanumanji also known as Balaji

aneri_masi said...

Nitin, yes, I had no clue.