Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Thoughts

A friend of mine sends out these Good Morning messages everyday, which are truly awesome!

Here's part of today's:

The beauty of the morning is not the sunshine!
But the thought of GOD giving us another beautiful day!
Another chance to declare our love to our loved ones...!

Now this helps me a GREAT deal. Because I am one of those folks who need sunshine to feel like waking up! Winter is very hard for me, because its so dark and cloudy. Dark and cloudy translates into gloomy for me. But this message puts things into perspective! My loved ones are my sunshine, and they are always there.


Yesterday I saw this totally cute scene...
I was on my way home. I turned right on a major intersection. Right at the signal, a mommy ducky jumped off the divider, followed by the tiniest of baby duckies. The baby looked sooooo cute jumping off the divider and following mommy! I wish I could have taken a pic, but of course I couldn't. Not like that, in the middle of the intersection :)

What I really really found cute was that they were using the pedestrian crossing to get across! Not anywhere else, they were perfectly in the center of the crossing!

And that baby ducky, so so so cute!


I must have been really worn out yesterday. I got home at 5, and fell asleep immediately to wake up only at 8:30! And slept soundly again at 1! I do feel all happy and refreshed today.

I have guests visiting for 4 days starting tomorrow. So am glad I got my rest before they come. I will need all my energy to look after them.

A kind request to folks who comment on my ramblings...

I don't like comments starting with "don't worry", "no worries", "things will get ok" etc. Because fact is I am not "worrying" about anything. Things are as good as they can be. I am just thinking out loud. I have a very curious mind, so if I ask questions, thats all it is. Questions of a curious mind. Not worries of a troubled mind.

PS: Yeah, yeah, I know you are so tempted to say "don't worry, I won't think you're worrying!"
But. Please. Don't. ok?


Ankur said...

hum sirf itna kahenge...

badmash ladki!!! :P



aneri_masi said...

huh? Maine kya badmashi kee???

Ankur said...

woh P.S. badmashi nahi toh kya hai :D


btw... woh baby ducky aapne itna sweetly likha hai, ki mujhe aisi icha hui ki abhi aakar dekhoon unhe!!! :D

white honge na ekdum..with some spots!!! wow!!!


aneri_masi said...

no, they were brown. very tiny baby.

Ankur said...

oh... maine socha ki white honge... yaar sweet hoge na bahut.. i love ducks!!! :D :D

woh bhi chota chuja... mujhe chooja bolne main bahut maja aata hai... :D

Princess Mia said...

i can imagine how sute the sight of the duckling would be, awwwww, i have a smile on my face thinking of that.

aneri_masi said...

@ankur, yeah I like to say that too, but I say chuza, not chuja ;)

@anvi, oh you shlda seen the baby jumping off and then trying to get steady for a few seconds. So darn cute!

Vrij said...

How I wish you had taken a video or a snap of those duckys.. would have been an ideal lesson for our know-all Hindustanis crossing the road anyplace they like.

Preeti said...

If I were there with u right now, I would've either:
a) Hugged u
b) Given u a High-Ten (not just a High-FivE)

Wanna know why? Cuz in the last bit there, you sounded JUST like me...Like totally...I've even done a post on this looooooonnggg back...(Read this and the one above it)

Crazy huh? I DONT NEED reassurance..I hate it u know...dont worry, everythings gonna be alrtie..Like yea i know that!!!!

Cinderella. said...

Di !
YOu ahould have taken a pic ! Aapka description hi soulds so sweet, I wish I could see them ! They must have been very cute, eh ?
Lucky you...

Aur dekho, logo ka concerned hiona bhi to jayaz hai na ? Coz when they tend to see you in a different light than what they know you to be. Which is why the 'dont worry' sorta messages.

Anyway, the quote was awesome. Just awesome.

Take care.

p.s : (I'm going thru a writer's bloc too...sigh...)

Cinderella. said...

Oh, btw tagged you !
I'd love to know your take on that one. You sure will cme up with a fantastic tag...

--xh-- said...

:) sm times, quotes/words cn really uplift us.. happy to hear that u dont worry...
sad that u mised a superb photo op... better luck next time... :)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

kinnee cute hote hai na ducklingss :P

mujhe sweety ki yaad ati hai unkle scrooge wali baby duckling :P

aneri_masi said...

@vrij, what works here won't work in India. India mein driver log bhi to nahi rukte na if they see a pedestrian? Here, no matter where a human (or animal!) is crossing, vehicles will stop until they have crossed to the other side safely.

@preeti, yeah, I read those posts (after I had put in a "don't worry" comment for one of them. gulp!) But you and I could be twins!

@Ella, yaar drive kar rahi thi na, couldn't stop in the middle of the road :(
Yeah, concern hona jaayaz hai, like in the post where I said I wanted me back the way I was. But not when I am saying I want to entertain God and do a shakira dance for him :)

aneri_masi said...

@Ella, tag ka abhi mood nahi hai, will do it later...much much much later, ok?

@xh, yeah, those Good Morning messages are really great! They always make perfect sense!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

That last bit there is ditto me. Neither do i like pity-sympathy-condolenceish comments.

ducks! ah they so terribly cute! you should have switched off the flash and clicked a picta. ;)

Pavi!!!! said...

Guests home...Have fun!

Guess its summer n its time for people to vist!

vishvsambyal said...

hey i have such a photo with me..i mean its a common scene in kashmir to see ducks crosing the roads. followed by a train...i have it..ill scan it soon and uplaod ok..its a conventianl photograph....i did not have a digicam back then.....nor a cellfone.....:-)...

Macadamia The Nut said...

Sometimes, especially here in this silly yet cute place, we need those simple things in life to give us a certain sense of joy which is otherwise in hiding.

ceedy said...


see i am following the instructions as you gave - not in english

chinta na karti :P....

Ashu said...

You spoke your mind Kashmira about the comments and i loved it.

Anjuli said...

arrey pic hoti to maza aa jata..cutie ducking ki...

Buzzz said...

good morning messages at times make your day

aneri_masi said...

@bw, you totally understand me, girl, in every post!

@pavi, yeah, I was getting worried, since this is the first time i had guests. All went well. Back to just the two of us now.

@samby, yeah! pls post it!

aneri_masi said...

@mac, yeah...thats why I like my yard so much...there's so much "wild"life there, I can keep watching forever!

@ceedy, dodh dahyo!

@ashu, thanks :)

@anjuli, yaar, i was driving, so cldn't take the pic.

@buzz, totally! BTW, tumhara purana naam mya tha? I recognize your picture, but not your name!

ceedy said...

:)....hope it made you smile....

vEENs said...

ahh yah ramblings :))

dnt woryy

dnt worry

dnt wrruy