Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Such is life...part II

So after that totally disappointing day, comes a bustling day like yesterday!

Work went fine, got a lot of stuff done = Tech stuff
Was able to put up a couple posts on my blogs = Writing
We planted 3 different types of chillies. :) = Gardening
Hubby had collected a variety of chillies that he liked, dried them, de-seeded them, planted the seeds, and handed me the "chhilka" of the chillies, saying, can we use these in today's dinner? He's so cute :)
Chores are there of course! = House work
Exercised, yayy! = Something I actually like doing, but don't do that often
Cooked, with the afore mentioned chillies, of course = More house work.

Had a nice conversation with hubby about stuff I was a bit afraid to bring up. He listened, I know he did, but when I asked him, suna, he said, yeah. Kya suna, he said, "Peter" :)
Peter is a bird (or birds, we have never seen him/them) in our backyard, that keeps twittering all night, and sounds like he's saying "Peter, peter, peter". We are thinking about putting up a birdhouse, and then putting some sleeping pills in there for Peter, so he can sleep :)
Digressions aside, he heard what I had to say, and I think he understood :)

And the highlight of the day...that door from the previous post!
Its an unfinished door, that we have to put a cherry wood stain on. I cleaned it, we propped it nicely for him to sand. He was all excited about it, because he just bought a new tool, a sander! And a shop vac that would attach to the sander (men and tools, I tell ya!). I was a little disappointed though. Sanding used to be my job, I used to do it by hand, and really liked doing it. Now I was replaced by a machine, sigh ;) He sanded it while I exercised, then I cleaned it with some thinner, we turned it around, he sanded the other side while I continued my exercise, then cooked and watched TV and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Now that's what I call a really full and fulfilling day! I am looking forward to applying the stain today.

And I got some really really good pictures this morning. Will post them on the photoblog soon!


Ankur said...

Peter... hehe...

and chillies ka shauk hai unko?? hehe.. just like me, i like eating them a lot, pune main har cheez ke saath yahi milta hai na ;)

and parso raat ko maine itne dino baad chetanya ka parantha khaya, and deccan ki dhabeli... :D :D
yaad hai na swaad ya bhool gaye :D

chalo kal stain try karna... acha hai... :)

waise abhi toh dinner time hai lagta hai ;)


Preeti said...

Put up the photos! Wud be nice to see!

And this post is NICE...all fun fun stuff and nice nice stuff...exercise...dont remind me...iv not bein goin for my aerobics classes for a while...damn the cold and other stuff...im soooo guilty i cud juz...i dno...i cud juz eat my own head! :-/

~ ॐ ~ said...

arre wah !!!

this sounds much better !!!

Cinderella. said...

Now theis is the Kashmira we all know...finiding happiness in the littlest of things.

Loved this post.
Keep smiling like this.
Take care.

Sam said...

Hey good to see you happy. Keep it up. ANd thats the spirit of life. Good days, bad days and then again good days.

smething which Paresh Rawal said in Heraferi -- paisa aaj hai to kal nahi he lekin parso fir to he...

Crap analogy, dont give me bad looks please.

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

wow dat's a feel good post:P

aneri_masi said...

@ankur, i have never been to chaitanya or had dabeli there :(

@preeti, the pics are up in my photo blog, did you see them? i exercise at home, so no excuses...other than when I am sick, or have wayy too many other things to do.

prashant, :)

@ella, ye lo big smiley :D

@sam, bad looks nahi, I'll give u a bigger smile than I gave cinderella, a hearty laughter. you're too funny :)

@sourish, u feel good too, na :)

Princess Mia said...

yeah the peter thing was funny

i just love reading yur blog...frankly i feel like yur the only happy soul on blogville n as if everybody else has their sad stories....yur blog always rubs of positive energy on me...
I hope u have many more such blessed days and a blessed life

vEENs said...

God this is a fulfilling post :P

so ms. "dara singh"...i hope u 4 pounds lesser now :P

tanushree said...

he he.. really nice day.. :)

..would like to see a shot of peter though..:)

aneri_masi said...

@tanu, peter is an elusive one. P saw him once, and said look your Peter is here. He was high up on a wire with his back to us. Uske baad nahi dikha :( But yes, if I can, there will definitely be a pic of him.