Thursday, May 29, 2008

Such is life...sigh!

Yesterday was a totally disappointing day.

I had trouble falling and staying asleep the night before, so waking up was hard :(

We have a small dwarf cherry tree. This is its second year. First year, it hardly grew. This year we had one single cherry. We were watching it eagerly, the small green fruit growing bigger, turning pale yellow, then orange, then slightly red, then a nice dark cherry color. I went outside to check if it was ready to be picked. I suppose it must have been, since the squirrels had already gotten to it :(

I found a tiny nest in our jasmine vine, with 5 little blue robin's eggs. I was hoping to see the little ones when the eggs hatched. Went to check on them, they were gone too :(

Work didn't go as expected either, couldn't finish what I had planned due to some "technical difficulties" :(

I had wanted to finish one major "home improvement" task as well. Got dinner to-go so that I would have time for it and all. Still could not get to even starting with it, because of myriad other niggling things coming up that I needed to take care of :(

This was just so frustrating. Like someone (yeah, veens, you) once said, its like running on a treadmill and getting no where.

Sigh...I am hoping today would be a better day.
I did sleep well. And the first of my lilies bloomed today. Had been waiting for months now to see them! Work was uneventful, nothing good or bad about it. Hope the day ends well, uneventful is also ok, I just don't want yet another frustrating, disappointing day.

Such a dull, boring, post :(


τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

It was a very cute post...
squirrels kha gye cheerry..o ma sho bad of them :P

it happens di..kabhi kbahi sachi life become like running on treadmill..hiw much faster u run..u will stay on the same spot :P
veens ne mast baat kahi hai

aneri_masi said...

haan yaar, kha gaye :( I see that one squirrel playing near my tree every morning. ab tak nahi khaya tha to socha it won't do anything. i guess it was waiting for the cherry to ripen. ek hi cherry thi :( i was so heartbroken.

Ankur said...

oyee.. woh eggs kahan gaye... aapne kaha tha n ki unki pic loongi :( :(

aur usme se chooje nikle honge woh kaha gaye :((

aur tension mat lo... sometime it happens,
"technical difficulties aa jati hai"

dont worry...
take care and keep smiling :)


P.S. arre ek din main 2 posts, hum kaise expect kare :P
uppar wale post main daal do neeche ek aur post hai ;)

aneri_masi said...

@ankur, eggs ki photo hai mere paas, i had taken them usi din when i found them. chuze nahi hai :( chale gaye :(

Ankur said...



kahan gaye woh???

wapas nahi aatte hain kya???

7 din main itne bade ho gaye kya???

--xh-- said...

days like this will come once in a while.. dont ya think and waste ur taime abt it :) tomorrrow is a whole anotehr ball game :)

Preeti said...

Hey see u shud be happy, u fed the squirrels!! noone wud even imagine doin somethin so nice but unintentionally u'll all matter for karma :)

I'm nto an eternal optimist, but i dont like to see nice, nice people like u go :( ok?? sooo plzzz smile! :)

vEENs said...

ohh cme on.. like u were lookin... squirells were also watchin i.. and cherries are too delicious to not eat... so let them eat.. and i m sure.. this is a good "shagun" and more will bloom ok?

abt the eggs :( soorry to hear that :((

but then today will be better! dnt ya worry... hota hai :)

so now jus relax... thats wat yu said no?!

have a good night dear :D

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

me also so sad..

waise wo cherry toh aap hi kha squirrel ne socha hoga ki isse pehle ki Kash di khaye main hi kha leta hoon :P

wo lily ki foto lo toh bolna ok...mujhelillies bahut pasand hai and white wale toh best hote hai :)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...


chujo ko koi snake wnake toh kha nhi gya :-O
cautious rehna.... :-/

aneri_masi said...

@ankur, nahi its been a while since I didn't see the parent robins by the nest, pata nahi kya hua.

@sourish, no, snakes to nahi aate yahaan. snails, spiders and squirrels. cats hain but they don't go to the front where the nest was.

aneri_masi said...

@preeti, rofl, nice try, dear :) those badmash squirrels need no feeding. we actually find peanut shells hidden in our flower beds, they come and pull out freshly planted bulbs, and god knows from where they get these peanuts and hide them there! but they're totally cute!
and you totally made me smile :D

@veens, haan yaar, mere se zyaada to wohi log dekhte hain. chalo koi nahi, next year aur ayenge.

aneri_masi said...

@sourish, lilies are orange. i have posted a pic from last years flowers. dekho, its on the photo blog.

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

white kiun nhi hai aapke pass :|

Pri said...

how i hate that squirral! bhukkad kahi ka! :-/
and those silly dare they fly away like that without showing off themselves to you...
selfish creatures! :-/

about the technical difficulties and home improvement thingy i dunno whom to blame..heehee! *raises an eyebrow at aneri* ;)

but koi nahi!tomorrow is a new day...
and there will be new cherries growing on that cherry tree...
and there will be new eggs in the nest waiting to hatch...
and things will definitely be a lot more better and a lot less frustrating!

so has de!
jo bhi ho , kal phir aayega! :)

Sam said...

not as boring as you say, pretty good if you ask me.

are you a techie too ?

i draw this inference from "tehcnical difficulties" thing...then i can understand how tough it is to cope with unexpected failures or roadblocks in the program(or process) flow :)

aneri_masi said...

@sourish...I guess coz me and hubby both like vibrant colors, not white..

@pri, ahaa, now thats a good one, supporting me and not the badmaash bhukkad squirrel! techie difficulty...not my fault! tools gone whacky! and home, not my fault, the husband's being lazy!

@sam, yeah, am a techie. abhi aate hain aap ka posts dekhne.

Macadamia The Nut said...

Awww! Wish we could bite the bad days back.. HARD! Mean inconsistent things! Hmmmpfh!