Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Things...

-xh- tagged me to write down 10 things I miss, and 10 things I want to do within the next 10 years.

What I miss...
1- My dad!
2- Vacations with my family. We used to have at least two good trips every year
3- Leisure! There's always some chore or the other to do :(
4- Maid-service! After 11+ yrs here, I still miss that!
5- My innocence. Am glad I am more practical and all that now, but I do miss being all bhola-bhala!
6- My carefree life with my roomie and best friend...from abt 5 yrs back. We're all married and all now.

I think thats about it!

What I wanna do...
1- Grow up and not be such a baby at times (I know, its quite the opposite of "missing my innocence")
2- Learn how to balance home, work, and still make time for myself.
3- Visit Egypt
4- Be an awesome cook
5- Be more involved than I am now in community/social work
6- Have a great relationship with my in-laws (its very formal right now since I barely know them)
7- Be a good photographer
8- Write a book, dunno about what, since I can't write fiction
9- Be more social. I am always so tongue-tied.
10- Manage 10 blogs! Just kidding! 3 is good enough!

Am tagging...no one in particular.


Pavi!!!! said...

Thats a very do-able list ..well, most of it. Good luck with doin all the stuff!

n awesome is a relative terms..mabbe for sum1 ur already an awesome cook?

Anvita said...

this post just reminds me back of my sydney days when i wud miss my family soooo much n yeah i have missed the maid servant a hell lot specially when yur sick n u have to do things by yurself

*Grow up and not be such a baby at times
babes i just love the way u are , naaaah dont grow up just be yurself, its always good to be young at heart :)

aneri_masi said...

@pavi, yep, trying to keep it realistic!

and awesome on my own terms, no one else's :) I don't want to win any cooking contest or write a book or anything, I just want to know how to make everything that I want to know how to make.

@anvita, i just miss my dad, thats about it. and the maid ;) my husband takes care of every thing when I am sick. i miss the maid more when i am just fine, but too tired to be bothered with the dishes and laundry!

**babes i just love the way u are**
now that was so sweet :) thanks!!

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

Grow up and not be such a baby at times (I know, its quite the opposite of "missing my innocence")

khikhikhi...its sumtimes good to throw tantrum..it makes u more alive in the practical world...

--xh-- said...

wow, a very nice and attainable list :-) hope everything works out in the course of next 10 years.. and whn u publish the book, dont forget to get me a signed copy :-D

Preeti said...

U still r innocent! Atleast i think so :)

Anonymous said...

ohh i dnt miss anything rightnow.. i miss UP ad my childhod times...


and i thnk... u r a grown up!!... and that i like to be a baby at times too.. u get bored of being grown ups no?!
Egyp.. hmm yh... me to... saath main chalte hain :)

u r a god photographer...girl. :)

write a book alright.. i wil buy it :)

Social :) yah yah!! :))

take care yaar!

aneri_masi said...

@sourish, yep, thats so true too!

@preeti, haan, woh to hai, I still have some of it left, but am not the "alice-in-wonderland" i was, say 5-6 yrs back.

@veens, hehe, i got shades of everything. I still think my dad can fix eeeevery problem i have and at the same time i think he shld let me live my life on my terms (but he shld just come and fix the things I mess up with ;)

aneri_masi said...

@xh, yeah, very attainable! I really do want to do these things, so keeping it realistic. aur book pakka tumko doongi. I just need to figure out what it'll be about :)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

9- Be more social. I am always so tongue-tied.

--really? extremely hard to believe. you seem so friendly and warm. :)

nicely done tag! if you wanna become an awesome 'non veggie' cool, i'll shower you with encouragements and motivating speeches all the way! ;) :P

and hey, which state are you in?

Princess Mia said...

Awwww,a big warm hug from me to ya.

aneri_masi said...

@bw, yaar, I can write! and I can talk a lot once I know someone very well. but if i'm meeting for the first time, or if i'm not very close to that person, then i get very conscious, is my hair ok, are they laughing at me, is my neck sticking out like a camel's? and then i say nothing bcoz of this randomness going on in my head!

skeptic saint said...

wow...awesome cook...cool

and i too want to write a book...maybe it ll be easier if we co-write it...wotsay??

aneri_masi said...

@ss, ok, we can co-write. you think of a topic, you research it, but I will tell you what to write, ok? :)

ceedy said...

how are you...been really busy....catching up....

# 4 what I miss....well i concur with you...

and what about istri walo...and taja kapda....

#6 in I think....that will take time beleive me...with inter community marriages....

cool list...

Pri said...

that was a nice wish list---tathastu! :D

Ankur said...

arre yaar... aajkal ek baar main 2 posts!!! humme dikha hi nahi yeh bhi... :(

even i miss my family here, both mamma n dad :(
n every lazy bum in Us misses a maid :P :P
hehe, and so does u ;) ;)
pitai mat karna ab :-/

u r already a nice photographer...click more and more and as they say, "practice makes man perfect", so does woman tooo ;)

oyee... and u have 4 blogs, ek par aapka woh unpublished draft pada hai, and aapki kisi frnd ne p.s. i love u wale post par ek comment choda hai aapke liye.. so check karo... and i m gonna wait for one post of urs there :P
hehe.. god know how long :D

weekend ke kya plans?? kidhar??
hubby dev kaise hain aapke???