Friday, May 16, 2008

The Perfect Weekend

Its Friday evening, and I am wondering what my ideal weekend would be like...


  • - Wake up araam se
  • - Brush, drink coffee, sit in the yard (which is all done up nicely, not covered in weeds that made me sick)
  • - Araam se get ready
  • - Eat something quick
  • - Get a good book, and read for a few hours.
  • - Go out in the evening to a park or something
  • - Then dinner some place quick (I guess I don't like long, lingering dinners)
  • - Movie
  • - Come home, read for a while and sleep in my cozy bed
  • - Wake up a little early
  • - Drive up Highway 1 North, or down 1 South (Hwy 1 is along the coast, so its beautiful either way). Stop wherever I feel like to take pictures.
  • - I think I will go South, so I reach Monterey at lunch time
  • - Eat, then rent a bicycle and ride it for a while on the bike trail
  • - Head back home. No stops this time. Hopefully I get home by 7
  • - Nice long bath
  • - Cook something quick and eat (quick is the keyword, I guess I am not a foodie!)
  • - Either read my book, or work on some embroidery
  • - Off to bed.


carolinagal said...

Sounds like a plan :)
Happy Weekend !!

anamika said...

and what about hubby dear? will he be alone at home.

If you going alone then have fun..

Ankur said...

where did hubby dear go in all this????

unko toh bhool hi gayi kya aap???
:P :P



Ria said...

hey nice post!i really like the cycling bit there...unfortunately in India one cant think of any place where u can actually cycle!! :(

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

ahaan, how did the weekend go finally? :P

Anvita said...

hey hope u had a fantastic weekend.....i love going to the parks n gardens n for long drives too specially by the coast.....

instead now have a good week already suffering from monday blues :(

Anonymous said...

it sounds perfect!

--xh-- said...

sounds great... had plans to do something like this, but the bloody power went off on saturday morning... but still managed to have a good, lazy weekend...

Ankur said...

kidhar ho aap???

yeh cheating hai :-/