Monday, March 10, 2008

A B C D E F G ...

Been tagged by Neeku. Am adding a few of my own associations (marked by "mine" in case you don't notice ;) Will try to update it with pictures of some of these things!

A - Available? (from the original tag)
For dancing. Anytime! But...please don't ask me to go for garba/dandia, its too boring going round and round in circles. Give me Shakira anytime!
Mine: A - Achhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooo! This allergy season, I tell yaa...

B - Best Friend
Don't really have any one best friend...anyone and everyone!
Mine: B - BMW, my ultimate driving machine, oh how I love you!

C - Cake or Pie
Cake for sure.
Mine: Coffee, can't wake up without it!

D - Drink of Choice
Tiger Tail, its made with Pernod ("saunf" based liqour!!!) and orange juice. Yummmmmm!!!
Mine: D - The digital age! Its completely changed our lives!

E – Essential thing(s) used every day this would be a long list, starting from toothpaste to whatever else. I think I'd say my camera, I don't HAVE to have it, but I'd hate it if it wasn't in my purse, and once car, I need to be mobile, free to go wherever, whenever.

F – Favourite Colour
Mine: F - Fireplace! We start the fire on every weekend in the winter. We just sit there, stoking it, talking, laughing. Fun life :) The pic on the right is of our pile of firewood.

G – Gummi Bears or Gummi Worms
Neither :(

H – Hometown

I – Indulgence
Oh where do I start, where do I stop. I confess, I am very materialistic. I want everything, and in every color! If I really, really, really could, I would have 3 cars (at least!). My convertible, a Mercedes sedan (C-class), and an SUV (Lexus GX series). One down, two to go!
Mine: I - Internet. Whoever can live without it, please raise your hand, and then you may leave this planet :)

J – January or February
Huh, this one is random, I'd say January though. For new beginnings...
Mine: J - Jello. Love this jiggly thing, I even have a Jello recipe book somewhere!

K – Kids and Names
Can't relate to kids anymore, I used to love them at one point, but right now, I don't quite get why people would want them!
Mine: K - Kashmir! Paradise on earth.

L – Life
Life is a miracle! So many different lives, each with its own unique story!

M – Marriage
Its that laddoo, you know, khaye so pachhtaye, na khaye so pachhtaye ;) Nah, its not so bad. Takes a bit of time to get used to it, but after a while, it just becomes life as usual.
Mine: M - A bit cliched, but...Mom! I can't understand these creatures called mothers :) They're different!
M - Music. Can't imagine life without music!

N – Number of siblings
3 older sisters, who act more like my mother! Sheesh! I have 4 moms!
Mine: N - Nature
It never ceases to amaze me! I take a walk in my yard everyday, and everyday I discover something new and fascinating. Everyday I drive the same route, and everyday I see some changes all over the route! Its simply amazing!

O –Oranges or Apples
Oranges... :) Of course (check out my other blog to see my love for oranges)

P – Phobia
Horn Worms...the kind that grow on tomato plants. I don't have a phobia for them, but they completely gross me out, and I have nightmares of them in tomato season coz we need to get them off the plant and dispose of them, not a task for the weak-hearted. The first time they showed up, we had just come back from a heavenly trip to Alaska to see the tomato plants almost eaten up. I did a lot of research on how to get rid of them without using chemicals. Nada..nothing, you need to pick them out and dispose of them, someone suggested "cut them up with scissors". Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! They just eat and eat and eat and grow gross and big. They are hard to find, they look exactly like the leaves. Yuck, I am going to stop thinking of them RIGHT NOW! *shudder*
Mine: P - Planes. I love watching planes in the sky! Hubby and I come up with stories of where they are going. A big star we can see from our yard is designated as a gas station since a lot of planes fly near it :) Yeah, we're goofy :)

Q – Quote
"Live your life as though every act were to become a universal law."
Now if I really followed this, it would make for such an ideal world!

R - Reason to Smile

First blossoms. I go completely ga-ga over every new flower that blooms in my yard. Here's a picture of the first fuchsia's of this year!
Mine: R - Rain. Love the Indian monsoon, love the smell of earth after the first rains. Hate the dreary rainy season here in California.

S – Season
Spring and Fall. Love 'em both.
Mine: S - Smile. What a difference it makes to your face value! To your life! To everyone around you!
S - snow!

T – Tag people
-xh- (I think this one's gonna be toooo big for you to finish, so letting you off the hook!)

Mine: Travel.
I think I was born to travel. Thats all I can think of. I come home from a vacation, and start planning the next one within a day or two. I want to see the whoooolee world! Saari duniya dekhungi!

U – Unknown fact about me
I still have two of my baby teeth!

V – Vegetable you do not like
Gavar sing, Karela ! Adding ghiloda to Neeku's list.

W – Worst Habit
Thinking more than acting! I want to do this, I want to do that, end up spending so much time just "hawa mein", that I don't do much in the end :(

X-rays you have had.
Quite a few, here's a few interesting ones.
Jaw - they found out I had arthritis in one of 'em :(
Some funky procedure for measuring bone density.

Y – Your favourite food
Daal Dhokli, Pasta
Mine: Y - Yosemite! Oh man, that place is simply amazing!

Z – Zodiac
Mine: Z - zzzzzzzzzzzz :)

This picture is requested by Cinderella... humara adda!


Anonymous said...

Would you believe me I told you that I was editing one of the tags I have to do ?! and heni was thinking of the one you have already tagged me with .. uff! tension ho gayi yaar!

I love your "mine parts " seriously.. they should hae told us to write a-z of all things we lov kinds.. then i think it wud be more n more fun :))

nice indeed girl.. yu rock!

Anonymous said...

ok i forgot i will do it ok.. not immediately.. but soon enuf ki u will be suprised :))

Cinderella. said...

Girl, I dint quite understand the tag..other than with every letter you're supposed to name something you're fond of, eh ??
Infact thats what I gathered from your 'mine' wala list.

Aur mera Dollop 2 wala post padhi ho toh usme likha , I'm going deep down under in tags ke weight ke niche...after this one, sure shot marne wali hu.

But, anyway, I'm too greedy, and this sounds like fun. Will do it.


Cinderella. said...

OH, and btw, you still have 2 of your milk teeth !!!!

**eyes wide like saucers**

Shaadi kisne karayi bolo toh..? Aapke 'unko' pata hai ??

*wink wink*

And the F for fireplace really warmed me, and somehow I feel, the entire list was not there..matlab list ...talkin..laughing ke baad sachhi mein kahatam ho gayi kya ???

*winks again**

aneri_masi said...

@cinderella I was confused abt what to do with the tag too. So I kept a few things, and added a few new ones.

Yep, tags ke neeche saare hi log dabe hue hain! I think of so many different things I want to write about, then I get tagged with something fun, and thats what I spend all my time doing :)

Yeah, still have the bottom two baby teeth, the ones that usually are the first ones to come out. Had some work done around them, so they don't look so tiny and "cute"!

Fireplace...yeah, list khatam nahi hui, he some times does some shayari, I write it on little post-it notes, then I usually pass out from the daaru. We have quite an impressive bar (orange, melon, banana, black-currant, sugarcane, chocolate, cherry, peach, mint, almond, coffee, saunf, in sab ki liqour hai!) And this weekend, he decided to call his mother after I had my drink, quite an interesting conversation I had about a surgery one of his aunts had!

Anonymous said...

lah la la!!

cool it is Aner and thanks.. and in return I have a gift for ya...


u r tagged :P!

click here

* evil Veens Grins evil grin!

Cinderella. said...

Hey, just read your comment !!
Eh, aise kyun sochti ho...actually tags karna sabko pasand hai...bas koi koi thoda style maarte hain...jaise main maar rahi thi..he he !!

Cinderella. said...

Aut bar ke poto daalna toh blog mein..would love to see...

Cinderella. said...

You sly devil...Q@#$%#@ !!!!!

Neeku said...

Oh me too ... hate giloda :( ... and you still have two baby teeth? Eh? I thought I was weird when I lost mine 5 years ago.... i was ashamed... that time... but don't feel bad anymore :(

loved your P version :) for planes and gas station... that was funny...

I think I like your version more than mine :)

Thanks Aneri! Awesome answers :)

aneri_masi said...

@neeku Seriously, you too? My doc said there is no new teeth under the baby ones, so am really scared of losing them (its actually a recurring nightmare!). Did you get new ones?

I like this tag, am trying to upload some pics with it, but blogger's not letting me :(

Neeku said...

yeah... same here it grew out .. it was bit painful... but now its okay.... the thing is i had braces... so they enuf room.. thankfully its over... you will be fine... it just shows that our mom's fed us lots of milk and calicum i guess ;) I used to eat those calcium orange tablets as candies... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anre I ead yur comment on Cindy's blog ki u wont tag anyone?! kyonnnnnnnnnnnnn?

mujhe kar dena.... koi nahin ok?!

yaar agar tere ko tag karne main prob hai.. toh batana ok?!

Anonymous said...


u naughty naughty girl. I thought maybe because I dint do the last tag u tagged me with.. u were kind of put off! uff!


ladki..tension di na! bilkull :-)

Anjuli said...

hey, that was a nice one! will do it soon...

I like Red too....

and the baby teeth :-) that was cute!

carolinagal said...

Done! Phew..

Cinderella. said...

Eh...mujhe usme se ek Jack Daniel pass kana toh...!!

Girl..I so wanna have an adda like that..but India mein use chhupa ke rakhna padega, warna in-laws aur paents ki watt lag !!

--xh-- said...

well, i WILL do thsi tag :-D BMW rocks.. any day :-D and the adda, man, i want some thing like this @ my home one day... :-)

aneri_masi said...

carolinagal, anjuli..thanks

cinderella, -xh-, tum dono bewde, meri phool ki photo pe koi comment nahi, bas adda chahiye ;) cindy, you shld do what one of my friends did (she can do crazy stuff tho!) her mom was visiting, she would spike her juice and stuff. Then would tell her after a few days, pata hai mamma, you had tequila the other day? But her mom was cool, meri mom mere ko disown kar degi. We had to clean it out when my dad visited!

-xh- BMW, merc and lexus, I want all three :) I think I'll like the bimmer the best though!

c e e d y said...

cool list - interesting....

i agree wid you - a car a day keeps the accidents at bay (you are not frustrated at driving the same vehical)

aneri_masi said...

@ceedy :) I just love having a lot of cars around me, don't know why! And more than feeling frustrated about driving the same car, I get scared when my husband confidently says, lets take your convertible to Home Depot, we need to buy a new front door! We have actually done that, had quite an audience of folks with trucks asking us how exactly we planned to take THAT door in THAT car!?

anamika said...

And did you have to hide it when your in-laws were here?.

Glad that my parents are open about me drinking.

The best is my Dad and me having drinks together.Mojito is my favorite and I love Pernod in the afternoons.

Anonymous said...

ok i decided.. i will be doing one letter each!
Because i have so much to associate with each letter.. it will become unbearable LONG

i will be posting on A

and i will let yu know of subsequent ones! :))

Anonymous said...

acha acha.. i notice no replies to my cmments? ehh?

kya hai?!

ok i jus posted for A :)

see it andtell me.. hwzz my idea ;)

aneri_masi said...

@veens comments in your blog :)

aneri_masi said...

@anamika When the in-laws were here, the bar was still up, but not used. I was married then, so I used to visit over the weekends, and hubby had whispered to me, ke don't go there now ;)

What cocktails do you make from pernod?

anamika said...

I usually have my Pernod on the rocks or 1 part Pernod with lots of ice and 3 parts water.
Your husband surely is sweet.
How long have you been married?

goofball said...

We'll be married for 3 months on the 14th :)

anamika said...

Great congrats.