Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mr S just made my day :)

Very short post...just for me to read and laugh again a few months later :)

The man is funny, gotta give him that. Poor guy had been in a conference call for over 2 hours with some gora guy. Finally phone patak ke uth ke bhaaga, mumbling...subah se angrezi bol bol ke munh tedha ho gaya.

I was in splits immediately,
M(e): kya ho gaya bhai?
S: Yaar, Bill se meeting chal rahi thi

** This Bill is on the east coast and is leaving the company, so S has to get as much info from him as possible...on the phone.

M: Yeah, and you can't even tell him we'll do this later, jaa raha hai to.

Another guy K walks by,
K: S bhai, main notice kar raha hoon, jisse bhi aap angrezi bolte hain, woh company chhod ke bhaag jaata hai
S: Haan yaar, woh log jhel nahi paate. Aaj to maine hi bol diya, bass, ho gaya, mera aaj ka angrezi quota khatam ho gaya.

Then we all went to lunch with a few other folks. The topic came up again.
M: Hey, do you know where Bill is going?
S: No, he didn't mention that he was leaving, so I didn't ask...
M: Ok, now don't talk to him again, nahi to nayi company bhi chhod ke chala jayega.

B is sitting next to me, and asks whats all this about. I tell him. B refuses to talk to S anymore :) But we all manage to convince him that its ok, as long as he is not talking to him in English, he is safe. We pulled S' leg some more, asking him what exactly he said to everyone that they got so scared and left.

Ok, this was a very random conversation, total nonsense, but he had me in splits :) Good fun!
There was a lot more things that were said...but I can't remember them anymore.

Non-hindi speaking folks...can't really effectively translate this. sorry :(

Sigh, everything said and done, we all miss our own language, don't we. I miss speaking Gujarati so much, since hubby doesn't understand it much.

UPDATE: This day is just getting better.
There is another S, lets call him Su.

Su: So, did you hear of the latest internationalization bug in B's app?
S: What, the bug is that the app is not working?
Su: No, no, its working...
M(interrupting): So the bug is that the app is working?
Su: No, no (totally unperturbed by my interruption) it is working. But when B German language select karta hai, usko dhikhta hai Bhojpuri!


Anonymous said...

***subah se angrezi bol bol ke munh tedha ho gaya.

LOL.. really! i once did say this same thing after being in a conf call for so many hours with the goras~

**jisse bhi aap angrezi bolte hain, woh company chhod ke bhaag jaata hai

hehehe! totally LOL!!

seriously S dint mind it at all.. hehehe! he is god then!

thanks girl for the laughs... i needed them!

Neeku said...

"S bhai, main notice kar raha hoon, jisse bhi aap angrezi bolte hain, woh company chhod ke bhaag jaata hai"..


Su: No, no (totally unperturbed by my interruption) it is working. But when B German language select karta hai, usko sunai deta hai Bhojpuri!

had me in splits too !!!

And you can always talk to me in Gujarati...

Mane kai vandho nathi aane upper thi maane ghano anand avashe tamari saathe Gujarati maa vaat karva... :D

And why doesn't your hubby don't speak Gujarati.. non-Gujju Che? (if you don't mind me asking!)

aneri_masi said...

@neeku yep, we took it even further. Will update the post with it :)

My husband's from Bihar. So no gujrati. My sister gave him a book which claimed to teach Gujrati in 30 days. I attempted to teach him, but it was SO badly written, I was reading it, and laughing and laughing, and he's sitting there and pouting, but your just laughing, not teaching me. I should probably write a post abt the contents of that book!

Sourish Karmakar said...


subah k 5 baj rahe hai and ab main sone hi jaa rha tha
and dis post
munh tedha ho gya
meri neend hi bhaag gyi haste hue..
bechara ek toh company k liye info collect karta hai jaane waalo ka.. aur uski leg pull ho rahi hai ki usski angrezi sunke sab bhag jaate hai..
mera haste haste bura haal hai..
u wrote it so bad u forgot oder parts ..wud had loved to hear those to..

and that bug
international bug..german ki jagah bhojpuri lol
laloo ka sapna soch ho jaayega..

u kno there's a joke laloo aur ek angrez tutor ek kamre mein band laloo ko angrezi sikha rahe they..

do mahine baad ek presss conference mein uss angrez tutor se puchha gya

R- how is laloo's english now?? :O
tutor - yeh laloowa kabhi na sudhri B-)
glad to check ..aapka one more place to hang around..
u an aries??
bday saamne hai ya paar ho bhi hai
m an aries too ;) :P

anamika said...

well you can talk in gujju with me no probs.

Bapor na vanchti hati ane hasi hasi ne pet dukhi gayu. Mast majhno chhe Mr S chhe.
MAne khabar nahoti ke english ma boli boli ne koynu modhu vaanku thai jaaye.
Ane ssaru chhe tara var ne gujju nathi avadtu. You can say its a blessing in disguise.

Anonymous said...

hahah..german ki jagah bhojpuri lolzzzzz

--xh-- said...

and again laughing for this 'But when B German language select karta hai, usko sunai deta hai Bhojpuri!' ...
the whole episode is hilarious.. good that u hv this kind of stressbusters around :-D

Pri said...

ROFL!! this was fun!
i had a good laugh reading this...and now ppl around think im crazy because im still grinning at the pc screen :p

aneri_masi said...

@sourish 5am tak kya ho raha tha? Were you sleep-blogging ;) Its a fun place where I work, roz aisa hi scene hota hai. sometimes I get bugged (usually when I have not had my 8 hrs of sleep) but otherwise, I am SO thankful and grateful for my colleagues!

budday coming up next month. what abt you? kab hai?

@ana(mika) enu bicharanu boli boli monh vaanku thai gayu, kyaaaarno bol bol bol bol karto 'to :) We asked him (remember the previous post where I mentioned he hardly lets anyone speak), kaun kitna bola, kehta hai, oh we both talked and talked, no one listened, haha :)

@samby, xh, yep :) yehi scena hai roz ka in my office. very cool place :)

aneri_masi said...

@pri :) haso, haso, dil khol ke haso :)

Mez said...

Your posts well justifies the title of your talk talk n keep tracking of it. Ahh I know only Hindi n English noting more. So poori post samajh mein aa gayi.

Anonymous said...

the last one is the BEST

u r sucha cutie to ask that

***M(interrupting): So the bug is that the app is working?


OMG!! seriously!!!!!!

bhogpuri aur German...totally...hilarrrrrious!

c e e d y said...


you do have lots of dilberts around - how about starting a cartoon series - S ne Su thayu...

Like Neeku mentioned - mane pan gujju ma waat karva koi adchan nathi....

I listen to dandiya n sing them to speak gujju sometimes :)

BTW - this was short but hilarious post

Cinderella. said...

Oh boy !!
This was hillarious..ha ha !!

Creepy guys often have the knack of getting funny too..he he !!
A collegue of mine is Bihari, and nobody at office understands his Hindi, except me....and he aint that good with his english, so most of the time I end up being his interpreter when he's talking to other collegues. Yesterday someone asked me, how come you understand him so well....I said, 'padosi hain its !'

aneri_masi said...

@Ella Arey, he speaks impeccable english, and awesome Hindi. He was just being funny :)

aneri_masi said...

@ mez...yeah, I guess...I guess I talkalot :)

@ceedy Good comparison, evuj chhe, this was like a very normal day here. I write to my sisters every now and then in gujju, but writing's not the same as speaking ne. And i have this very weird thing, that I can speak only to my family in Gujarati, if anyone else talks Gujarati (like you, Neeku and Ana did), my natural instinct is to respond in English (like I am doing now)! Strange! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

hahhaa...this was funny! u have entertaining guys at work..damn cool. @ my work place tho all goras and a few not much "desi" conversation happens!

u know when i was in college, i had a whole bunch of north indian guys for classmates..i just had to utter a word in hindi and they would start taking my trip!See, i know enuf hindi to u'stand ur post completely and respond in broken hindi!Anywez I would speak in worse hindi (my hindi is just okay/bad)so they could have their daily dose of laughs! some of 'em yet tease me!
PS: Me a bangalorean(south indian of crse)