Thursday, March 13, 2008

Love, Romance, Ishq-Wishq, Etc

This is all I have to say on the topic...

This was in Matheran. I think the monkey population there is higher than the human population. Nothing wrong with that of course :)

They were everywhere! They tried to steal my niece's CD player, they were there in each and every window, peeking in, watching what we were doing. They easily turned door-knobs and got in if doors were not locked. If the doors were locked, then they knocked! The first few times we did open our door just to see them rush inside to grab whatever they can. They snatched food right out of our hands, oh man, they were something else!


vEENs said...

when did ya change yur name??
and wth does goofball mean! LOL!

waise i neva knew.. what Aner_masi meant.. but it felt like a girl name.. and goofball.. ?? goofed up :P

then that pic is shooo cute :))

Love ;))

goofball said...

goofball just means a silly, goofy person. thats a story in itself, started 9 yrs back, when my sis had her first baby and named her Aneri :) Its my id on most all online accounts I have. You remember the girl with the dimples in my wedding pics? Thats Aneri!

Mera apna naam to Kashmira hai

vEENs said...

I know na.. Aneri kitna pyara naam hai yaar!

Kashmira also! And that kid is VERY CUTE.. oMG.. showed my mom yur pics.. and she was like "the kids are so beautiful" and she wanted me to ask.. where u got your dress and dnt ask me all the qs mom wanted answers for :))

So Ms. goofball.. noh sleep?

:).. coz of snores :)

--xh-- said...

:-D nice pic.. timely capture :-)

Keshi said...

hey GB tnxx for stopping by my virtual home :)

This is a very cute pic hehehehe...Love is universal ha :)


carolinagal said...

Why did you change your name? I liked Aneri.

anamika said...

Don't change your name.Aneri was very different and sweet.BTW the pic is very cute. Good timing.

Pavi!!!! said...

After i read the comments...i begin to u'stand the story! that a pic u clicked?were those cute things at ur window?if yes, lucky u! Chimps are my fav animals...monekys are close ;-)

aneri_masi said...

@pavi Yeah, I clicked the pic. Have updated the post with details :)

c e e d y said...

When did you visit there and come back ./.

aneri_masi said...

@ceedy :) hehe :) I went there, you know, over the weekend ;)

The pic is from winter of '06.
All the blogs I was reading were talking about love-shove and all, so I put this up, my take :)