Friday, March 28, 2008

My beautiful baby!

She's back, all fixed up, nice and shiny again.
For those not following my blog from the verrrry beginning, some real mean person had cut off my baby's nose, so to speak. I was SO heart-broken :(
So I had to send her to the doctor to get a new nose.
Then the doctor checked her out completely, and said she has a few more things that need taken care of. I felt bad for the poor thing, but at least they were going to take real good care of her.

I dropped her off at the doctor's yesterday, and brought her back today. There she was, waiting for me in the driveway when I went to pick her up. I could feel tears of joy when I saw her there, wanted to run and hug her. But I had to first go pay the bills and all, check her out of the doc's. Quite a bill it was! But its all okay, its for my baby, the joy of my life! I brought her home, took a few pictures to share with y'all.

I brought her home when she was only a few weeks old. All I could do when I got her was just stare at that beautiful face and think, I can't believe she's mine! WoW! She's really mine! She's 5 now. I still feel the same, "WoW, she's mine, all mine!"

Take a look at my dear dear Dhanno...isn't she something! :)

Here's the brand new "nose". Can you believe someone scratched it off her face :(

Standing proud!!!

She's a beauty all over!

Just how sexy is this!


anamika said...

Your Dhanno is a real beauty.

Sourish Karmakar said...

u got a BMW
:O :O
:O :O :O

mujhe bhiiiiiiiiii chaiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

mujhe aapki dhanno de do :((


de do.........

SambY said...

Yup .. I remebr going through the old articles and u said ki sumone scratched off the nose badge of ur vehicle..

Ur car is a real beauty.. plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz One ride . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .I beg u plzzzzzzzzzzz...

Plz can i borrow it for todays movie date. plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Solitaire said...

Samajh nahi aa raha hai ke rou ya hasu..

Cinderella. said...

Boy !!
She's a bootylicous beauty !!!

And the mean fella who cut off her nose, was indeed some jealous creep..!!

Take care of her, wuoldja ?

aneri_masi said...

Thanks Ana :)

Sourish, hehe, you can borrow, but can't have :) Apne Papa ko bhi nahi chalane deti hoon (coz he said it was a waste of money to get a 2-door car!) No way could he touch her wheel after he said that!

@samby, beg karne ka hai hi nahi, yours whenever you want to "borrow". But veteran ki baat maano, "date" ke liye "pulsar" is the best, is mein she will be buckled up in a seat far far away. But...teri baraat ismein nikaalenge, what say ;)

@sol, Why????

@Ella, how mean must that person be, na? I was thinking "uske pet mein keede padein", now I am thinking "uski bhi naak kat jaaye". Oh, I'll take care of her for sure!

Ankur said...

u got a bmw... shes just so beautful!!!

hope noone touches it again :D

aneri_masi said...

Yepppp...I gotta bimmer :) She truly is the love of my life! Hubby wants to sell her off, lol :) He has one too though, and I want to sell his one off!

I hope no one touches my darling again too! It just hurt too much!

Ankur said...

u know when i go home, and c my car which is noways near to BMw... i always find an additional dent... all due to my dear lovely siter... :P

and my mum always comes up with an excuse to save her... :P

well, i know how much i hate when even someone touches my bike here :D

and yes, sell his off... tats the best idea hehehe...

Keshi said...

WOW she's hot..hotter than my silver baby :)

And come play the game in my blog Aneri ;-)


Sourish Karmakar said...

okies borow thik hai...
wo masin jab kabhi kabhi aapki gadi loonga
wo kabhi kabhi jab main college jaaonga

mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mujhe papa keh rahe the
bike nhi beta car le lo

ab mujhe car chaiyeeeeeeeeeeeee

nd plz for god sake stop this visual verification irritates me as most of the time it doesnt show up in my browser
wo bhi BMW
do naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mujhe plezent mein aaj mera happy bdday hai na :|

SambY said...

Thanx for the tip ke liye nahi to fir plz ride hi de do...

vEENs said...


good work by the docs... u shud be proud!!!

i m so envious of u :)


nazar na lage :)!

and ab dekhna ...koi phir se na le jaye :)

khayal rakhna!

Neeku said...

Dang she is hot ;) Good to know she has her nose back :)

Anjuli said...


she is a beauty!

Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

your baby is just beautifulllllllllllllllllllllll. you must be SOO proud :)

SambY said...

lolz.. m wearing my glasses..lemme have a nice long look now...:-) ...yes indeed ur car is beautiful... how fast have u gone in it???

vEENs said...

weekend mast jaa raha hai kya?!!!!!


aneri_masi said...

@ankur, I never knew I would be so in love with a car! I guess I get it from my dad, he would change his car abt every 4 yrs. So regularly, that I would think 4 yrs se zyaada cars chalti hi nahi hain :)

Yeah, we'll sell his off eventually, waiting for the 4-door M3, its supposed to come in a couple yrs.

@keshi, whats your silver baby like?

@sourish, didn't know I had that on, it irritates me too :) Abhi hata deti hoon.

@neeku, anjuli, niyara,veens Thanks

@samby, ummm....maine about 110 mph touch kiya hoga, my hubby a bit more.

Pavi!!!! said...

OMG Aneri..thats one sexy car!I'm J of u!!

n may i ask why did u name her Dhano?

carolinagal said...

I envy you :(

--xh-- said...

ur dhanno is a beauty.. i can drool whole day and soem more @ ur dhanno...
i prefer the badge to be called nose ring than nose - nose is teh kidney grill - the BMW signature :-) heard abt teh new 4 door M3. hope no one scratches ur beauty...

c e e d y said...


I had a conv - but a VW cabriolet - old one - its a total awesome experience riding in one - specially thru the city....

and I assume the house beding is yours :)

feed your car enuf anti histamins - so it does not sneeze or else the nose will blow off again :)

aneri_masi said...

@pavi, She's named after Basanti's horse in Sholay :D

@cg, come to CA when you can, we'll go wine-tasting in Napa with her :)

@xh, nose it is for me :p Just checked the BMW site, the M3's here. Woohooo!

@ceedy, yup, its great. Its a funny story, how I decided to buy this one. I was originally planning to get the X5. One day, we went to SF, and there are these street artists who make sketches. I was sitting there getting my sketch done, road side pe, and I see this couple in a grey BMW conv, smiling away, looking SO happy, and the car was totally drool-worthy. And thats how I got my dhanno :)

Yep, thats my pretty little ginger-bread house! Will take some better pictures, it actually looks like a cake fit to be eaten (at least looks like that to me!)

carolinagal said...

Its a deal!!

Keshi said...

I'll put up a pic of it soon :)


Meghna said...

New here but loved your blog and especially liked the way you write! Enjoy reading at this place so count me in as a regular reader :)
Your Dhanno is so cool! A BMW Wow! Nvr dreamt of owning it......LOL!
really rocks!

Keep writing and blogging....

aneri_masi said...

Welcome to my blog, Meghna :) Am glad you enjoy my little stories.

Actually even I had never dreamt of a BMW. All I wanted when I first came to the US is a Ford Taurus!!!! Can you believe that? I can't, not anymore :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

Beamers have always been my favorite :)

The X5 is a dream car !!!! I will own it someday for sure :)

aneri_masi said...

@prashant, yeah, I was considering the X5..but somehow ended up with this one :) Totally love it!
X5 doesn't look as cool and tough like the American SUVs, but it sure drives super-cool!

We are going to add the M3 to our garage next... soon...hopefully!