Sunday, March 9, 2008

This minute in my life!

Since this tag has to be about "now", I guess I gotta do it 12:24am (or is it 1:24am?) on Sunday March 9!

1) I am eating potato chips that my MIL sent from India. (she made the chips, dried then, etc, I fried them). They are totally out of this world!
2) Spoke to my FIL, and he was wondering whether the peach seed he had planted in our coriander patch last summer (peach in coriander patch? why, papa???) has sprouted!? He is so funny!
3) Am really miffed with my husband right now because he thinks my best friend is irritating (nothing wrong with her, she is very nice and all, but I still find her irritating, he says, hmmmpppphhhh)
4) Am reading Oprah, and I think some times she is SO stupid! Oh the things she says! So much common sense that she terms as "Ahaa moments!"
5) Saw the most hideous outfits today in Newport News catalog. Imagine wide leg pants, bell sleeve top, all in the same royal purple color. Yuckkkkkk!
6) My right arm is hurting because I just discovered the magic of photoshop (thanks Ceedy and XH!) and am trying to put a lawn on a big patch of concrete in a picture. Am lovin' it!


Solitaire said...

I think your husband is jealous of your best friend! hahahhaah!

Well done.

Anonymous said...

hehehe! waowwzz the chip sound delicious!

and the photoshop is gr8.. i dnt kno h to use it though ;))

have fun girl!

hubby is so :D!
FIL is so :DD


Cinderella. said...

Why do beaux/husbands are always irritated with your best frens. Guess Solitaire's right. They're just plain jealous, that you say all the girly secrtes to them and not to the hubbies...hmphh !!

Apart from her silly aha moments, isnt Oprah such a ?!!

And, my tailor has ruined two of my office trouser today, and made them exavctly like the ones you've described. makes wanna jab right where it'd hurt the most..

And photshop ! No wonder that came form Ceedy. They're an architect's must knows. You can do amazing things with it. You'll get to know.

Ok, I have said too much for a comment. And, btw, came here to read your tag (got to know form Sol's page) and to tell you that I'm gonna link you, but surprise of've linked me !!


Off i go, before you're miffed again..

Take care.

aneri_masi said...

@solitaire You think so? Hmm...never thought abt it from that angle. Maybe jealousy hee hai!

@veens Arey, those chips I tell you! Awesome!

@cinderella arey I never thot ke he would be jealous, now that you guys are saying thats the case, it does sound like thats the case!
Oprah is whiny, and wants everyone to whine :)
Your tailor made you wide leg pants? I am wondering why anyone would want to wear those!!!

You were one of the first peeps on my blogroll, was new to blogging, and didn't know ke the usual norm is to leave a message ke I'm adding someone...Am glad you added me :)

--xh-- said...

ha ha ha.. well, good to know that u r playing with photoshop. it is reallya ddictive :-D

Neeku said...

peach in coriander patch ? Your FIL is funny ! I think he is more like me... Once I tried to grew tulip flower next to my tomato plant... something sprouted .... but it was neither tomato nor tulip .... it was weed... I got excited for nothing :(

aneri_masi said...

@neeku Nahi re, he is actually very good, grows some very lovely roses back in India. I guess he put it in there just to see if it would sprout, then we could pot it and do something else with it. The yard's a huge mess right now, so he probably mustn't have found another empty spot.

(hmmm...I like that I am getting all protective abt him, he's too cute!)

Pavi!!!! said...

like every1 has said is jealouse/insecurity! The solution would be to introduce 'em to each other, so they start talking.
The problem with that is...once they bot b'com friends, coz they both know u "in n out",they'll get together n take ur trip!(Been there, done that!!!)

aneri_masi said...

@pavi Oh they know each other very well...

Neeku said...

no no ... I am not saying he is funny in a negative tone... its just nice to be funny... I mean I get amazed and excited when my garden project seems successful.... We are just happy people at heart ... thats all I meant...

Neeku said...

PS You also have been tagged

Cinderella. said...

No norms are needed re ! Just could have told that I'm linking you, thats all !!
Kitni bholi ho tum !!

aneri_masi said...

@xh yeah, that ceedy...usnein mere haath mein stamp tool pakda diya, and am going crazy with it, LOL. But that patch of concrete is big, its gonna take a while to grow the lawn on it ;)

@neeku :) Yeah, I totally see what you mean :) I have slowly started to love working in my yard. Hopefully will have a post on the slow transformation from "what, me touch THAT dirt" to "hey...look at this interesting thing I pulled out here"!