Friday, January 16, 2009

Raymond and Debra ... revisited yet again

For the uninitiated, please read the first two parts of the series :)

Raymond and Debra
Raymond and Debra - II

So...we were both working from home today, and went out to lunch. It was a Friday afternoon, and the restaurant was packed with people. We got our table, ordered our regular food and were sitting yawning and waiting for our food to arrive, busy in our own thoughts. One of the thoughts in my head being, all these people are talking and we are not. And that is fine, because we know everything that is there to be said anyway :) We don't have any catching up to do.

Then I started paying attention to conversations that were loud enough for me to hear.

As usual, there was an Indian on a table of maybe 10, giving investment advice to anyone who cared to listen. It made me wonder why do typical Indian men talk only about money and stocks?! I tuned into the table next to me.

Two colleagues, a guy and a girl out on their lunch break. The girl was talking non-stop. And her statements made me chuckle...

"I am so dying to get out of this place, but I can't right now because of (*whispering*) you-know-why"
(This one was repeated a lot many times. I was dying to know why :)

"So I hear you go home, get online and work from home. Really? People do that?! I can't be bothered to carry my computer home. Its too much trouble to get connected. You know what I mean?"
(You kidding me? I would stop breathing if I could not "connect")

"I have worked in Novell, and then in an educational setup. You know what I should do now? Medical. I should get into the medical field. You know what I mean?"

And then the very next statement....
"You know what I have always wanted to do? Open my restaurant. We're thinking of a pizza place in the mall. You know like how you go to the mall and you get hungry? You know what I mean?"
(This go to the mall and you get hungry, really made me laugh!)

And for some reason, the guy responded to this with "Baseball or football?"
Well, they do rhyme with "mall" and he was after all a guy, he had probably zoned out and was thinking about some game!

Then she started talking about her mother-in-law. And how she would not want her to come to her pizza place. Because she would mess it up. And then in a whisper...

"You know what I am scared of? That she will touch the baby!"
(My eyes went quite wide at this one!)

"Its not like she is my mom. You know what I mean?"
(Groaaannnn...I don't want to listen to this anymore)

We were done eating by then, and were SO sleepy! We tried to figure out whether we should sleep on our table, or the bigger one that the 10 people were sitting at, or in the car. We decided on the car since the table looked too hard to sleep on. And there was a tiny risk of being chucked out on the street ;-)

The husband, by the way, heard not a single word of the conversation. He loves his chicken too much, I guess :)

I rather liked this new version of Raymond and Debra ;-) No talk necessary, just eat and sleep :)


Renu said...

wow:) what a conversation, the girl was a real bad patch on the females, but u lknow thats the problem with the girls..they only think and try to show that they care for inlaws, infact they never care a damn,if they do even 10% from their side willingly..i am prettyb sure they will get not a bad investment..but that 10% should be genuine:)
I would love to know Why?


Lovely one - a very interesting piece out of an ordinary lunch trip!

~ ॐ ~ said...

funny... you know what i mean :P

Ria said...

he he some interesting conversation going on there. Aren't men jus so predictable.

aneri_masi said...

@renuDi, this girl was not Indian, so the DIL-MIL dynamics are completely different.

@raji, thanks :) I guess I got bored of the serious posts I had been writing lately. So had to liven it up a little bit...
And the conversation I had with the hubby was way too silly to write about (readers would have wanted to put us both in the mad-house ;), so I decided to write about the other silly conversation there..

@prashant, haan yaar, I know what you know?

@ria, men and women both I would say. Men talk about stocks and football, women about shoes, clothes, babies and MILs :) I guess we have a wider range, whatsay? ;-) How are you doing now, dear? Better?

Trinaa said...

men!!!!!!! loved the dialogues tho.. :)))

aneri_masi said...

@trinaa, welcome to my home!
But this wasn't about men at was actually about the flitting mind of the gal :)

Renu said...

Aneri, my sis is living in canada for last 25 yrs, and she says..not much difference is the office most of her collegues talk the same thing..same inlaws problem...and the way Debra's MIl behaves:) so similar to indian woman:)

Indian Home Maker said...

Gosh how we talk and what all we say!!!

But I like the idea of sitting quietly sometimes ... my husband and I sometimes are like this, me on my lap top - he on his or he watching cricket and both sitting and doing our own thing and then in between we discuss - I some interesting blog I have read or he some sixer ... I call these the moments of contentment :)

Preeti said...

LOL! I just read the previous entries of the series now...and double LOL!

now temme u really like the debra act?

aneri_masi said...

@IHM, LOL, it was just a casual conversation for her, but put this way, it takes on a life of its own. And those moments of contentment...are just so blissful! We're like that mostly when we're working in the garden.

@preeti, heck no, I HATE Debra! And now with this post, I feel like an "evolved" person, not the monkey that she is ;)

Sourish said...

waaaah waaah..very interesting... :P

Anjuli said...

lol! sahi hai, good way to pass time when u are bored right?

aneri_masi said...

@renu, hmm...I don't know how common it is over here though. I think there is a lot of formality in the relationship, like relatives would stay in a hotel not at home if they are visiting and so on. It definitely IS a different culture.

@sourish, :)

@anjuli, yeah, and I have really finely tuned ears, door door se sab sunaai deta hai ;)

ceedy said...

Nosey nosey :P

that was funny.......