Monday, March 31, 2008

Raymond and Debra - II

Two years ago, my husband (then BF of three years) and I went to Olive Garden...on a date. It was great, I even have pictures of that day.
We have almost stopped going out on such "formal" dates since then. We usually go out for lunch on the weekends, and take out for dinner when I don't want to cook. No more dressing up and going out. (Impress करने वाला phase बहुत पहले खत्म हो चुका) We are usually too lazy, or too inert or just too tired to go out.

So this weekend, I said I want to go out for dinner. I asked him on Thursday, he said, how about tomorrow? I said ok.

Friday evening:
Me: So what time are we leaving?
Him: Where are we going?
Me: Dinner? Hello?
Him: Oh, its so nice at home, warm, and cozy and all. I feel like staying put. How about tomorrow?
Me: Ok.

Friday was a LOT of fun. I brought some take-out dinner, he started the fire (wonder why, its so warm these days, but whatever), we tried out margaritas from a book we got as part of a wedding gift. He played some really old and lovely songs for me...specially for you, he said. I danced sitting down on the couch, too tipsy to stand up and dance! Checked blogger every time he took a cigarette break to see if Samby had any updates :) Finally ate at 3 and slept at 4! Had a great time at home!

Saturday was quite uneventful, I actually can't remember what I did during the day! We probably planted something.
Saturday evening:
Me: So what time are we leaving?
Him: where?
Me: Dinner? Hello?
Him: Jaana kya?
Me: Yes.
Him: Ok, you pick.

So I decide to go to Olive Garden, where we had out last "formal" date. All dressed up, we reach there.
We order, we eat, we drink, we talk about the chicken, and simply stare at each other and the others around us. Am thinking, hmmm...Raymond and Debra? We got nothing to talk about either! Except the chicken (Ray talked about the butter or bread or something). We eat and then we leave. On the way back, I can't take it anymore.

Yes my dear readers, I did a Debra!
Me: We had nothing to talk about.
Him: So?
Me: That was a boring date.
Him(as usual): Hmmm.

Quiet for some more time.

Me: I think it was the food. It was so boring.
Him: Hmmm.
Me: Not talking is ok, we don't have to talk all the time.
Him: Hmmm.
Me: What, hmmm, hmmm, say something else.
Him: Hmmm.


Conclusion: This "Debra" will prefer to stay home from now on :) The restaurant ambiance and food's usually too boring!

Watsay, peeps?


Cinderella. said...

Ha ha...
"I did a Debra.."....whatta line...!!!!!!

Happens....when you're staying together perhaps. Coz at home you keep yapping your time away, so jab bahar jate ho toh aur kya extra baat karoge ?

At one time we used to talk over the phone so much, that raat ko baat karne ko kuch rehta hi nahi tha...and i used to do Debras !!

Women !!!!

p.s : Di, Jeej kinne cute hain, kyun unpe boring restaurant aur boring khane ka khunnas nikalti ho ?

Anonymous said...

sweet! well i think home cooked meal with candle lights and dance is the best ;)

and sme booze...margaritas.. now that sounded so much more fun :))

**Yes my dear readers, I did a Debra!**

totally u na :D

**Me: What, hmmm, hmmm, say something else.
Him: Hmmm.**


yaar seriously...dnt do a Debra again :))

stay at hme, and have fun :))

but well u r such a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

Heyy nice post. ur blog is worth visiting. Have to visit often:)

Anonymous said...

Heyy ur blog is fantastic too.

Pavi!!!! said...

LOL !! i don't think any marrd cpl can claim to have never done a Debra or Raymond... Thats the reality!

I'm worse...i bug him at times abt why he never emails me now and abt how during our dating days he used to wite such lovely long mails...he responds saying "i call u n we work together at hom!"..i retalliate saying "How Boring!"

Anonymous said...

Me: What, hmmm, hmmm, say something else.
Him: Hmmm.

Lolzzzzzz..... Khana itna bura tha kya??? what brand does uncle smoke ??? Lolz.. n checking my blog again n again... hehe... meri 3 din ki love story bahut pasand aa gayi lagta hai... heheh

Yaha mujhe idli ke siwaye kuch nahi milta hai.. mujhe koi bhi resturant me le chalo.. ma ji bhar ke baat karunga :)


aneri_masi said...

@Ella, Tere Jeej bore nahi hue, I got bored!

@Veens, no home-cooked, it was Paki restaurant cooked, candles, a whole blazing fire, and some random dancing :) Arey, woh Debra to fight kar rahi thi. I was not fighting. I was just "analyzing" ;)

@ananya, Thanks :) I read yours too...the one about LIFE was too good for a 14yr old!

@pavi :) You're too cute :)

@samby, he didn't get bored. That's about 50% of his entire vocabulary :) You shld def come here, jo chaahe khilayenge, Chinese, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Jamaican, Mediterranean, Armenian, Gujarati, Andhra, Punjabi, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, you name it!
UNCLE????? He'll kill you! He smokes 555.

Anonymous said...

arre..r estaurant hi sahi...ek din.. i will make yu smething... though.. kaisa bhi ho.. khana padega :PP

arre.. analyzing hi toh humari problem hain na.. woh toh husband miya ki vocab pe toh ...ROFL :))

chalo aha kiya ki yu knw fight nahin kiya.. no point.. aur phir itna fun post kahan se aata :))

Anonymous said...

@ masi ji... thats 50 percent of any mans vocabulary.... Hmm. 555 state express ... gr8

Anonymous said...

trio.. typo... i meant trip.. m going for a nice bike ride .. :-)... i need to unwind ...

aneri_masi said...

@veens, pakka, I will eat. I am not a fussy eater at all. I like everything, pyaar se jo bana ho. Fight karne ka kya point, uski galati thode hi thi.

@samby, chup, any man's vocab ke lagte, tumhari to acchi-khaasi hai! :) Looking forward to pics of your trip!

Keshi said...

LOL @ I did a Debra!

girl Im luvin ur wicked sense of humor!


--xh-- said...

hm.... is a BIG part of my vocabulary- and whiel reading the commenst, came to know taht ther er lot of guys who have thsi as half of their vocabulary.. am not alone :-D

sometimes, silence is beautiful - than talking. but not always. well, next time whn you go out and dont ahve anything to talk, start on sports or something which he likes but you dont like muhc - it should keep you going... (now guess how i know about bollywood/hollywood movies ;-D )

Anonymous said...

Right :))

photo blog pe no update ? kya hua?!

Cinderella. said...

I know....guys !!
Unki khopdi kahan unecessary kaam karti hai jo unko yeh sab stupid baatein pareshan karengi...

The best exapmle of it, you gave yourself :

*Me: What, hmmm, hmmm, say something else.
Him: Hmmm....**

Ha ha ha....

Anonymous said...

samby is back...lolz..n the photos are up..:-)

aneri_masi said...

@keshi, hehe :) Me very very wicked :)

@xh, aisi koi cheez hai hi nahi, that he likes and I don't. I can usually prattle on, and he listens, thats the usual pattern. He speaks only when required, which is fine by me :)

@veens, photo blog pe, yaar, I haven't gone out anywhere, even in the yard lately. I took a few pics, but don't like them much. I want to do a "California Flowers" ka post, have seen something jiska photo lena hai uske liye, but can't wake up on time to go for my walk when I usually take my pics. This week for sure, I'll put up something.

@Ella, :)

Anonymous said...

masi are u a ec enng... i mean ur industry is telecommunications....n ur a engineer i presume from reading sumwhere i dnt remebr exactly???

Solitaire said...

Are you serious? You did not talk much with him doing hmm hmm at the restaurant? LOL!

aneri_masi said...

@samby, Pune se CS Engg kiya hai.
Am working with Avaya on telephony applications.

@sol, lets see..we did talk a little bit.
Me:Chicken achha hai na
Me: Where's the sauce in your pasta, I can't see it
Him: Pasta ke neeche.

So I guess we did talk :) About the chicken and pasta.

Anonymous said...

masiji..abhi u go to ofice in bmw..what did u go on to college??? hehe
bmw ??? hehehe

Neeku said...

haha.... like when you asked over and over again... and his reply is plain Hummn.. he is absolutely adorable Aneri... I think after a while even the "Humms" sounds sweet...

Mara Dadi Kehta... "Meetho Jhagado" the same is with you two :)

It appears boring but its a sweet and simple story of married life....

Anjuli said...

hain...shaadi ke baad aisa ho jaata hai???????

mere suhaane sapno ka kya hoga?????

Solitaire said...

@ Anjuli, remember that phrase you put from stupid SRK's movie..something about see dreams but don't expect them to be fulfilled..bus keep remembering that.

@ Aneri, I remember you talking about this in a comment of yours on the WOES but then you deleted the comment.

aneri_masi said...

@neeku, your dadi was so right :)

@anjuli, you are focusing on the saturday night story, not on the Friday one. Its one thing to dream abt romantic, love-struck dates, and quite another to actually live through them forever! It was all nice to be like that initially, now we are just happy being ourselves, totally mad and goofy, in our own home. We don't need no intelligent or romantic talk to keep each other interested.

@sol, yeah, I did write that, nahi? That seems like ages ago. After that, one day, I just kind of had this revelation of sorts, ke yaar, let him be, he really has nothing to say, and loves to listen :) Its been smooth sailing ever since :)

Mez said...

Eh seems more fun then.