Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me :)

My perfectly miserable week ended perfectly...with the perfect birthday bash thrown for me by my dear hubby :)

So here's how the week went...

Monday: I woke up, was all whiny by the time I got ready to go to work that some thing doesn't feel right. Hubby wasn't too concerned at the time (I am quite the whiner!) By evening I was complaining of "tickling in my lungs" (Congestion!)

Tuesday: Was well documented in my previous post :)

Wednesday: Worst day of all. Hubby left me curled up in front of my laptop, with a phone in front of me on speaker and mute. I could barely comprehend anything. He got back, I was still there, very weak, barely able to talk. He made me soup, I couldn't even hold the spoon, he somehow managed to feed me the whole bowl.

Thursday: Similar to Wednesday, marginally better. I did manage to get a lot of office work done, whew! He brought me biryani because I didn't want any roti. He also got me some dessert which he gave to me at 12:00 with a "Happy Birthday"!

Friday: He stayed home with me! He confessed that he was planning a surprise which is not possible anymore. He was going to pretend to go to work as usual. But instead he was gonna go grocery shopping, and come right back and cook me a grand feast. And hide it all by the time I got home from work. But now I was at home, so no surprise :( But would I still like it if he cooked that feast. I said sure, just don't make it too elaborate, don't know how much I can eat :(

So he went grocery shopping, worked ALL day, coming in every once in a while to check on me. Then at 9:30 he walked in with a box, a gift for me :) It was a pretty pretty dress! He said dinner's almost done, you get ready, come out only when I call you.

When I walked out, the corridor was dark...I found my way to the living room...all lit up with candles, then to the dining room, more candles...

and the first course...
Samosa chaat :)

The main course...chicken curry and tomato chutney :)

And finally, there was orange souffle with orange sauce!!

He MADE all of this!!!! I had an absolutely wonderful birthday, am feeling well again.

BUT :(((( He woke up today with a fever :((( Hope he gets better soon. He is very stubborn and won't take medicines until HE thinks he should, and will only take what HE thinks he should.

So...I do hope to post soon again that he's all shiny and new like me too!

Thanks everyone who kept tabs on me, and asked how I was feeling everyday. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and much loved :)

Thanks Ankur and Sourish for the birthday wishes :)


Neeku said...

WOW ... I am spell bounded... do Guys really cook that good?

Seriously, I would be fida over someone who would do that for me... may thats why you are too... fida over him ;)

Anywhoo... Happy Birthday to you :)

Mara tarafthi Cheers :)

carolinagal said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
I;m happy to know that you are feeling better now, and that you had a great birthday! Thats the kind of celebration I prefer too...quiet and romantic.

Ankur said...


so candel lit dinner, and tat too made by hubby... kewl...
It sounds a lot romantic... :)

u r lucky i told u ;)
and u didnt told us abt the gifts u got :D :D


Have more fun filled time ahead... :)


P.S. Hows he now??? and u???

Mez said...

Lucky U ;) Thatz such an adorable act by any guy..u must be blessed gal. Happy Belated B'day with tons n tons of wishes forver.

Late comer

Anonymous said...

hes a wonderful person to do all that... and ur a wondreful persion who deserves all that to be done....meri pehli pay bhi chota mota aayega...pakka....atlanat se apne ghar ki ticket kara dena bas...:-)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

wow candle lite dinner ka concept toh mujhe samjh nhi aata..par samose chat...wo
awesome...di..main kab aaoo khane plzzzzz
chicken curry was looking awesome and so was the desert...
now i want a husband too... :|
oops matlab waise ek wife :P

m glas u had soooo much fun on that day..may u live a long life with ur husband..wid loads of love...
say my get well soon wishes to jiju..
aur ab seva ka time is urs..hope u r doing grt..are u?

take care

rahul mathur said...

Hey belated happy birthday !

I am glad u enjoyed !
dont4get to chk my blog :]

Anonymous said...


shooo shweettttttttttt/!!!

happy budday girl..sorry i forgot to wish ya :-/

and i was suppsed to rememebr it :-/

Pavi!!!! said...

Hey Gurl... B'lated Happpppy B'day! Sorry i came in here late!Wish u a year of joy n happyness ahead!
n woooow..tht does look like an awesomeeeeeeee B'day!Glad u had such a beautiful day!
hope ur hubby does get well soon!

Aur haan ill times...are meant for u hv a blast pampering him now :)

Anonymous said...

where r u?!

not online yet :(

Anonymous said...

hehehe! i m yappy happy!

waiting for yur post :)))

La vida Loca said...

Happy bday!!

aneri_masi said...


@neeku, he is totallly awesome :) He cooks better than me, is a great gardener, handyman, and even has fashion advice for me, he even helps me with my sewing projects! He's everything rolled in one!

@cg, am a shiny new penny today as I had mentioned before :)

@ankur, gifts maine mana kiya tha, because I have wayyy too much of everything. he still got me a dress. He's much better now, and me is all good :)

@mez, yep, I feel totally blessed!

@samby, pakka, tum aa jaao :)

@sourish, candle that i wldn't notice how dirty the house had gotten ;) And nope, all that food was for me alone :p
as for seva...that joker is not letting me, jumping arnd as usual :)

@rahul, thanks and welcome. Will definitely visit you too!

@pavi, thanks dear :)

@lavida :)

@veens, you're awesome! I just saw your post, how sweet :)

Anjuli said...


i missed it......

belated...Happy Birthday :)

hope u had fun :)

hugs and kisses!

and u have got one of the sweetest husbands in the world...

hope he gets well soon :)

take care of him and take care of urself too :)



Ekta said...

hey wow!!
what a lovely bday uv had??..What better way to celebrate it than have ur fav person cook such a lovely meal for u??:-))
Its a hap, hap happy bday to u!

Satish Bolla said...

it was so sweeeeeeeet. kudos to ur hubby 4 arranging such a sweet b'day party.
but shall i confess one thing? these posts are giving me jitters. almost all the female bloggers are writing posts abt their b'days being celebrated in a grand way by their hubbies or some wonderful dishes prepared by their hubbies. i'm afraid b'coz i dont know how to cook..... :(
anyways, did i forget to wish u a belated b'day? sorry. have a great blast ahead.
convey my "get well soon" wishes to ur hubby

aneri_masi said...

@anjuli, ekta.. Thanks, girls :)

@satish, nah, aisa koi zaroori nahi that u cook, just show that you care in whichever way you can and its good enuff. waise even I can't cook so well, so am all nervous abt what to do for his bday. I guess I will put a comedy show for him, thats what I seem to be good at...making ppl laugh, haha :)

Cinderella. said...

OMg ! I missed your b'day !
Shucks !!!

Belated bday Di. And looks like you had a wonderful feast.

And like i always say, jeejs just so cute !!!

Cinderella. said...

Hows he btw ? better ?

--xh-- said...

man, i am so late here - missed lot fo your posts.. slowly chtching up with all the backlogs...
a very very belated b'day... ur hubby is a gem, man.. :-D hope he gets well soon, and you are well already...

Anvita said...

Belated happy birthday dear....yur hubby is cho chweet...good on ya....hope he is better now hehe.

sweetearth said...

hey...that was it Orange County again??