Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Happy Ending :-)

To my anger management story from the previous post! :-)

I had mentioned that the guys and I had peacefully co-existed in the gym before, right?
Earlier, there used to be this one guy that I kinda know (hi-hello types), he was not there on the day of my outburst.

But, the very next day, he came to talk to me, and said, first of all, let me apologize.
Second, lets see what we can do about the situation. As you know, the space is too small.
Do you think we could adjust timings or any other suggestion you might have?

I told him I did not mind sharing the space. Not at all. Just that I was concerned of sustaining some injury if I had to constantly "brake" like that.

So he suggested, how about we bring 4-5 balls, and if one of them gets near you, you don't stop, and we'll not come to retrieve it. We'll just use another ball.

Works perfectly well for me :o) And am happy this thing got resolved nicely!



Anonymous said...

masiji but wont u still instinctively stop when the ball comes hurling ur way??? and stopping suddenly then would cause the injury ????... correct me if i am wrng??

aneri_masi said...

@Samby, yeah, you're right. So am thinking of getting my MP3 player, turning it up high, and looking out the window which is right in front of my machine, so I don't get to see the ball at all. I don't want to get them kicked out, its their space too, na :)

Cinderella. said...

Yeah, like Samby said, you still are gonna stop instinctively if the ball is coming your way na ?

Be careful.
And I'm glad things worked out.

--xh-- said...

glad that it worked out without any fuss :-D hope you both can sahre the space and co-exist peacefully :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Now this is wat i call a simple solution! n yeah 1st few days u'll react to the ball coming ur way..but u'll soon get used to it and not care abt it..

so yayee..back to happy working-out times!

c e e d y said...

see it all works out in the end....more balls!!!!