Thursday, April 10, 2008

World's shortest fairy tale!

This just got forwarded :-)


Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl 'Will you marry me?' The girl said: 'NO!'

And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, camping, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn't get fat, traveled more, had many lovers, didn't save money, and had all the hot water to herself. She went to the theater, never watched sports, never wore friggin' lacy lingerie that went up her ass, had high self esteem, never cried or yelled, felt and looked fabulous in sweat pants and was pleasant all the time.

The End


carolinagal said...

This is by far the best fairy tale I have ever heard!!

Anonymous said...


the best ever :D

Good one Aner ji :)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...


discouraging for us :D

wat if all girls want to wear sweat pants from now on...
awww poor me and my like species..
darwin unkle dis gal wants to end up the human race :D

*word of wisdom from unkle darwin*

"u shudnt do this to the human race..u kno marriage is wat I called survival of the fittest :P :P"


P said...

best fairy tale :D and I'm totally inspired :P

Ankur said...

hahaha... funny.. :P

but u know... its not the end, it ended when she said NO ;)

coz loneliness can never let u live... :P


--xh-- said...

he he he - there is anotehr version -

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?" The girl said, "NO!" And the guy lived happily ever after and went fishing, hunting and played golf a lot and drank beer and farted whenever he wanted.

Pavi!!!! said...

ohhhh...thats how easy it is to make a fairy tale of one's life? Wish i had know a li'l earlier ;-)

aneri_masi said...

@cg, veens, p thanks :)

@sourish, sigh...see this is exactly why its a fairy tale. peacefully nahi jee sakte hum ladki log kabhi :(

@ankur, are woh lonely nahi hai na, she has lots of friends

@xh, now you can't steal our idea ;)

@pavi, you are already living a fairy tale life, so no worries for you, my princess :)

Vasanthan said...

Yeah this is a good fairy tale. every women's dream i guess.

c e e d y said...

short but not sweet right - phir mazaa hi nahi rahega life me :P

Satish Bolla said...

hmm, there's a boys version of this one just like "--xh--" pointed out. that'll b shorter than this one for sure. y shud gals have all the fun?