Monday, April 21, 2008

The Idiot A.K.A येडा

I finally got frustrated watching him, shut the bedroom door and walked away.
I went to where my husband was sitting, told him, I have shut the idiot up in the bedroom, its driving me nuts trying to figure out what he's up to. I'll get me some coffee and go back to see if he's done any damage.

Husband was all confused. What happened, he asked.

Well, he got under the bed, doing some crazy dance, got entangled in the cables and everything. He was out of there, but he's really driving me mad. Husband was concerned about the cables, but I assured him I had disentangled them and put them out of his reach.

I got my coffee, went back to the bedroom. I had to shift around a few things for him, and I sat down to watch him again.

Husband comes in and exclaims, "बाबा रे, what have you done? Why is the bed skirt up like this"?

"Well, so that he could get out from under the bed"

"And why is this box in front of my nightstand"

"Because he wanted to go play under the nightstand"

"And why is the rug so far from the doorway"

"All for him, dear", I said, as I proceeded to grab his slippers to put them away.

Hubby was exasperated, "Put my slippers back, no, he won't do anything to them, put them back".

So we both watch him for some more time, and now he is stuck under a chair. I try getting up to rescue him, hubby holds me back, "Don't worry, he'll come out on his own".

After a few attempts, he couldn't manage it, so I bailed him out, and the minute I rescued him, he headed back for the chair!

"Don't even think about it", I glowered at him, and somehow, this time he listened to me, and walked off elsewhere.

"I am going to go get a shower, you watch him", I say to hubby and off I go.

I come back after half an hour, everything's quiet, I look around, and find the idiot in one corner. I walked to him, to see what he was upto. Hubby asked me if he was sleeping.

I said, "no, he's feeding. Did you put him there, or did he go on his own?"

"I didn't do anything. He went on his own, but he did fling away one of my slippers in that corner. Can you bring it back?" I did. The idiot is now asleep after feeding.

Any guesses to who this idiot is? Please do put in your comment on who you think this is before checking out his picture...he's a very cool wedding gift! I love him!

The Idiot



Anonymous said...

yaar.. i want to believe it is smekinda animal...lekin i thought u dnt have ne pets :-/

is it a khargosh? [ rabbit?]

no idea... lemme chk out!

Anonymous said...


no way... i cant believe this hehehhe!

totally yaar! heheheh!

okay... u win.. i had not the slightest idea... i cud never think of THIS!

Ankur said...

either a parrot or a robot...
par parrot cant be there in the corner.. is it a tortoise???

i m sure its not a rabbit, even i thought of it :D
and it cant be a puppy coz its obvious... :D :D

Do tell me wat it is :d

Cinderella. said...

A dog ?!

Cinderella. said...

Wtf !!

ceedy said...

first belated happy boiday - tera pati mahaan hai....hum bhi ek zamane me aisa sab karte the - par ab kare to kiske liye ;)

now you dont have RSS feed or smg like that on :( so I dont get an update when you update your blog so missed you boiday party....

and for this post - three cheers - my mind was berserk thinking of what it was - chuha - nahi, neighbour ki kali billi - maybe, dog - woh to hai nahi....


Ankur said...

abhi dekha...

yeh toh expected bhi nahi tha :P

hehe, par aapka kaam aasan ho gaya na :D

Neeku said...

a Doggie ? But please don't call him Idiot... they are smart and very affectionate...

now let me go and see ....

Neeku said...

hey bhagwan..... you made me the moment.... jeez Kashmira ! :P

Anonymous said...

doggie??? i thought u were content with that cat in the neighbour hood???.. anyway that page is not opening in my dail up tell me what it is ???

carolinagal said...

I thought maybe you got a little puppy or a kitten or something!!
A Roommmbaaa!!!!
Since you're calling it an idiot, i guess its not worth a buy then huh?

aneri_masi said...

@cg, well, its like this. Don't watch him do his job, and you'll like him. If you watch him, you'll go mad :) Its totally worth the buy (add it to your registry!!), you can schedule it and all, and the house will be spick and span while you're gone to work! How cool is that!

aneri_masi said...

@all, haha :) Loved the way everyone went guessing :)

@ella, ella, no cussing. the F word ain't allowed here, no matter why its used :)

--xh-- said...

ha ha ha... this one was out of the world.. never imagined a robo.. :) seems to be an intresting gadget.. :)

Anvita said...

All the while i thought it was a pet but cudnt guess which animal, but i was amazed when i actually saw wat it was.....amazingly written once again.....

Pavi!!!! said...

A Cat? i think u like cats! i've seen some pics of cats in ur blog!

But hey, u never told us u had a pet???

Pavi!!!! said...

OMG! Thats so cool... The idiot kinda had me thiking it was not a pet..but cldn't think of anything else!

Hey..u mislead us with the feeding and sleeping!! was feeding = charging the gadget?

But tht gadget seems to be super cooool!

I am said...

ha ha ha KEWL i thgt for sure it was some og or cat :)

Hana said...

Tell me what it was!!!