Monday, April 7, 2008

Take Care Of Her, OK?

The last post got a little too serious. I need to live up to my reputation and make my readers laugh.
This one's on special request by Veens :)

So, most of you have already seen my beautiful Dhanno. This story is about her, and how she got me out of trouble, just by being herself!
If you haven't met her, go to this post: and come back here!

It was one of those busy days at work where nothing really seems to go right (hmmm...that sounds more like EVERYDAY!) I got off from work, had to do a bit of shopping at the Walmart. So set off in its direction. Here's what the road looked like:

I needed to turn on Road B, but instead turned on Road A. I realized it as soon as I got on A. Ok, no problem, I can turn right back and be on my way. The signal was red at intersection C. So I stopped, noticed the "No U-Turn" sign and made a mental note. NO U-TURN. So I was waiting for the light to turn green, and chanting, no u-turn, no u-turn, no u-turn. Light turns green. I instinctively take a U-turn!


Not just shit, Holy crap, as well! There's a cop at the intersection, right by the entrance to the gas station. I am kind of in the middle of the road, cop looks at me, I look at him. I haven't yet completed the turn, and am wondering whether I can change this u-turn into a left-turn. I try, and OH BOY, looks like I am heading straight for the cop! Cop looks totally terrified. I stop, let everyone else clear out of my way, move out of the intersection and go stop on the side. The scared cop is right beside me with a very genuine question:

C(op): Where did you want to go?

M(e): the gas station, I was taking a left turn, I saw you, got scared and then confused, and then, you know (***now that is brilliant, girl, blame it aaaaall on him***)
Its your fault! (***Yep, I actually said that to him, don't ask me what I was thinking, coz, well, I guess I was NOT thinking!)

C: Ummm..ok (***maybe he does get blamed a lot, who knows!***). You know, you should be more careful. This is a busy intersection, you could get into an accident (***awww...the cute cop cares about me***).
You have a really nice car here, you could damage it you know! (***WHAT! Cute cop cares about Dhanno, not me***)

Well, that kind of pissed me off, I mean, how can he care more about a car than a person, right?
In the meantime, another cute cop has joined him, and they're both silently admiring Dhanno,even whispering something about her to each other.
So what do y'all think I told him?

M: What? You care about the car, and not me? I mean I could get hurt in the accident, and lose a leg or something? The car can get fixed, what about me if I get hurt?

C: Ummm..yeah, that too. But you know, take care of her, ok?

Better sense prevailed, and I did not argue with him. He booked me for a very minimal offense, circled around Dhanno once more, and let me go.

How can I not love my baby? After all, "the law" asked me to take care of her :o>

NOTE: Comments about "women drivers" will not be published, so don't waste your time posting any!


carolinagal said...

Aneri, this was hilarious!! I wish all cops were so cute and understanding ;) Your 'Dhanno' is definitely a star!!


p.s. They say "y'all" out in California too huh?

SambY said...

well is this the incident that u were gonna qwrite about..u mentioned the cops sumweher else on ur blog too!!

haha sahi hai bmw hai to bach gayi masiji....pulsar hopta to yaha ke 400 udhar pata nahi kitne dollar dene padte..:-)

take care of dhanno.... cause i have not got a ride yet...uske baad aapki marzi

vEENs said...


hehehhehehe! so sweet... i mean i cant believe yu told the cop that " its all because of yuuuuuuuuu"


I was thinking of a scene after that . that wud be like **dishum dishum ** btw yu too.. but NOH... that poor fells jus accepted ti :D

thank u soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh

u knw what.... i NEeded it big time!!!!!!!!


nxt time on.... u turn ke japp mat karna... this happens to me a LOT... :D

hehehe! i cant stop laughing ..really. :)

u have a good day tomorow!

vEENs said...

Tanu kaun?

oye kahan.. comment toh yahin kiya hai.. abe maine kya kiya ?


kaun Tanu?

Ekta said...

hahah! and machines...thats a old combination!
Hope dhanno is doing fine:-)

Cinderella. said...

Ha ha ha..this was hill-hillarious...mean cop though...!!

Yet that must have felt so nice...he he...

Mez said...

Drivin wid u wud be fun :P

SambY said...

hey masiji.... boarding fun 4 is posted..:)

c e e d y said...

hahaha - now this is back to ol' aneri :)

yeah I always wonder - am a fast driver - and here on the highway (its not free here :( like CA) guys with mercs and bimmers zip past and I look at the speedometer - and go WTF they are all close to 90-95 mph - do they have prepaid fines or coupons that they buy :P...but now I know the secret....dhanno ki jai

Neeku said...

Dhanno ekdum smart che! I think she fluttered eyelashes in front of the cops .... so that they can get smitten by her...

Arre wah :)

aneri_masi said...

@CG, yep, cops were SO cute! And we don't say y'all here in CA, its something I picked up at school in India!

@samby, yes yes, sambhal ke rakhi hai tere liye ;)

@veens, arey, i don't think he heard anything I said, he was just staring at dhanno!

@ekta, yep, dhanno's rocking!

@ella, arey nahi yaar, cute cop tha. ticket bhi kam kar dee.

@mez, nah, this was a one-time event. I am usually a very safe and boring driver.

@ceedy, nothing free here in CA either. Limits are about 65mph on the freeway, and 40 in the city. But yeah, having a nice car helps! My husband got cited for driving at 75 while he was actually doing 95+. He said dhanno fast jaati hai, main kya karoo, cop said, yeah, true, these cars are like that!

@neeku, egjactly :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Hahahaha..some memorable times huh ;-)

carolinagal said...

You picked up 'y'all' in India?? I never knew people in India said that.
You know its a Southern thing here right?

aneri_masi said...

@cg, yeah, I know its a totally southern thing here. One of my teachers in India used to use it all the time. Got it from her.

Beena said...

u got catchy writing

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

kashmira ji

since ab women driver k baare mein koi comment nhi toh main kya doo bolo :P


ur car is a beauty..jus take care of her..u remember na..u promised me to lend it for my date..
only if I have any in future

but ur car is a real beauty :P

mez said...

Oh yeah i need it for Toastmaster only :) are u CTM or ATM?

Anjuli said...

lol...for the post and the ps too :D

aneri_masi said...

@beena, thanks :)

@sourish, you're pushing it buddy, mana kiya tha na, no comments abt drivers? Ab Dhanno to tumko milne se rahi ;)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

kashmira ji

meri toh history hai women drivers k saath..mai jab bhi driving seat par unhe dekhta hoon ..main staight off the road ho jata hoon...
it is myy utter respect to them..that i give them all the road...

once na ek ladki thi..wo drive kar rahi thi..nd main walk kar raha tha pavement pe...maine dekha wo road k siva sab kuch dekh rahi thi..u kno how they appreciate the nature :P..main toh pavement se hi utar gya roadside par..nd next monet uski car pavement par chadhh gyi..

nd do ne toh mujhe tapka hi diya tha :P read my accident wala post :P

par aap best ho..coz aapke pass bmw hai
*maska maring*

SaM said...

Oh My!! This was so funny